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Tools are expensive and easy to lose track of. Please number then and record their history as they get used here.

Record who bought them, for how much, where from, catalogue number and any feeds and speeds information provided by the supplier. We want to make sure that when we find a tool we like, we can get it again.

Collets: We have five: 8mm, 6mm, 1/4inch (easily confused), 3mm, 1/8inch=3.175mm (easily confused). You must use the correct collet size and tighten it firmly. DO NOT USE IMPERIAL COLLETS ON METRIC SHAFTS -- even though there is only 5% difference in size, it will jam.

T7 5mm Flat

Diameter 5mm (flat), Collet 6mm, 2 flutes, Alu Power, Cutwel: E5522050 Bought by @goatchurchprime 11 December 2018 for £13. Aluminium: RPM 10000rev/min, Feed 1000mm/min, Vc 155 m/min, fz=0.050 mm/tooth (up to 2.5mm deep cutting)

  • 2018-12-31 4 hours cutting at 0.2mm stepdown on full width cuts. Feed reduced to 560mm/min due to noise before it broke. Is capable of G83 drill cycle pecking of 5mm dia hole. There is some wear at the flat tip in the form of shallow notches on the two blades.


Diameter 3mm (flat), Collet 6mm, 3 flutes, Alu Power Bought by @magman2112 in 2018


Diameter 6 (flat), Collet 6mm, 4 flutes, HSS Chinese writing


Diameter 3 (flat), Collet 3mm, 1 flute, Alu Power Bought by @magman2112 in 2018 Used to quietly drill 50 helixed holes on 2018-01-06 diameter 5, speed 800, spindle 16000 in 10mm thick aluminium.


Holz Alu/Kunsstoff 1mm tools, original with Kinetic-NC machine


Brass coloured rasps 1/8" collet


Full set of 10: 0.8-3mm PCB engraving bits, 1/8" collet


HSS 6mm diameter, long, 4 fluke, 6mm collet 4 remaining, one damaged on shaft.


2 blade, table flattening, 3/4" cut diameter, 1/4" collet stored in wood.


Case of V-grooved cutters, 1/8" collet, 30 degrees (one unused) for copper or brass.


Case of nearly flat drill bits, 1/8" collet, various diameters for drilling holes in circuit boards.


Case of ball-nose cutters, 1/8" collet and diameter, probably for brass.

Feeds and speeds

my calculations here a 2-fluke 5mm Carbide tool should cut aluminium at 1577mm/minute with the spindle set at 15524rpm, and a 3mm 1-fluke Carbide tool should cut it at 1314mm.minute with spindle 25874.

  • RPM[rev/min] = Vc[m/min] * 1000/60/(3.14 * tooldia) * 60
  • Feedrate = RPM * fz[mm/tooth] * numflutes
  • Vc is velocity of cutting blade as it hist the material (controlled by RPM and tool radius)
  • fz is the width of each chip (controlled the forward motion between one blade strike and the next).

Broken tools

T1 4mm Flat

Diameter 4mm (flat), Collet 8mm, 1 flute, HSS-E, Cutwel: EL612040 Aluminium: RPM 18000rev/min, Feed 950mm/min, Vc 226 m/min, fz=0.053 mm/tooth Bought by @goatchurchprime 11 December 2018 for £13

  • 2018-12-28 1 hour cutting swan necks full width at 0.2mm stepdown. Stock came loose on second part and vibrated, heating up everything and melting slivers of aluminium onto the tool, which were picked off.
  • 2018-12-31 Tried with 0.4mm stepdown. Terrible noise after 5mm depth, tore everything apart, and finally snapped.
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