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Community Meeting 20181018

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1pm @ Dinky or Google Hangout


Review of/actions from last meeting

  • Zarino to sort out sizes and materials for bricks
  • SG to decide on Halloween theme
    • Discussion to have a pumpkin-carving on 1st Nov, with pumpkin-related food making afterwards.
  • MG to talk to Dawsons about next synth event, see whether they could help promote it
    • Ongoing and Mike to cover it
  • SG to investigate legal implications of playing music in the main room
    • Would be reasonably expensive to do properly with a PRS licence, so unlikely to be worth doing.

Recent Events

  • Festival of Maintenance, 22nd September
  • Bradford Media Museum will be filming in DoES on Thursday 27th September
    • Filming went well, will be shown as part of their next exhibition in November
  • "Get a Move On" / "What does health look like?" workshop, 29th September
    • Went well. Lots of community involvement in organising it, and well attended.
  • "Hack the Space" hacking day, 1st October
    • Evening. Half-a-dozen attendees, mostly kicked the tyres of Fab-manager which seemed a decent start. Will be meeting again at the start of November.
  • "Making It!?" half-day conference about making and manufacturing, 12th October
    • Went well, lots of interesting talks. Squash Nutrition did the lunch, and Paolo and Donato's did the cake, we should use both in future. Talks were all videoed and online on the conference YouTube page.
  • Maker Day, 13th October
  • Kerbinator Hack Day, 13th October (afternoon)
  • Social Saturday, 13th October (evening)
    • All of these went well - it was a busy day. It was also a stop on the LOST art open studios day. Lots of newcomers. Was a useful final push for some people to get round to visiting. The Open Studios was much better than last time.

Upcoming Events

  • Pumpkin Hacking, 1st November
  • Hack the Space evening, likely on 6th November


  • John has done a blog post about it which will be published soon
  • Doing okay, breaking even. Financials spreadsheet shows us making ~£300/month profit.
  • Could still do with some more people in, and have a few big expenses still to go - carpets (possibly insulation), blinds/window film.


  • We've had the policies reviewed by an external HR specialist, and they've been reviewed by directors in the directors meeting on Monday.
  • [ACTION] Jackie will be circulating them to the wider community later today
  • As part of that we need to recruit a Grievance Team, so people should look through them and talk to the directors if they'd like to volunteer
  • There'll then be some training for the directors and Grievance Team members


  • Need to actually make more use of the notes from these meetings - things are discussed then seemingly forgotten about.
    • Suggestion that we should surface more of the things discussed at (especially the larger) community meetings so they get more visibility
    • Some discussion about getting issues closed too, and wondering about having some hack the space days/evenings, some triage sessions.
  • CNC machine inductions
  • Some discussion about how to get people using the CNC router. Raised at #950
  • Sean going to suggest Thursday lunch- (and one-in-a-while evening)-club for communal lunches to try out some of the places round the space
  • Wondering about how we can reach out to the less well-advantaged communities in the city. Maybe we should look for communities (e.g. there's a pub in North Liverpool Jackie mentioned, or Homebaked Anfield, or Squash Nutrition) to see if we could do some one off events.
  • Christmas decorations. We should hang the "Play the tree" lights on the brick wall in the events room.
  • Zarino is thinking of organising some "make your own Christmas decorations" workshops, but wants help.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

  • Thursday 20th December, 7pm
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