Community Meeting 20181115

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Attendees: Sean, Julian, Wesley, John Mc, Helen, Jackie (via Hangout)

Review of/actions from last meeting

  • JP to distribute draft HR policies to wider community. - DONE
    • Ready to publish, just need to decide what contact details to distribute.
  • Christmas Decoration Workshop
    • Date decided, almost got a price, Eventbrite ASAP - 9th December 2018
    • Age - probably a minimum age of 8

Recent Events

  • Pumpkin Hacking, 1st November
    • People turned up, did hack, had about 4-5 pumpkins. Didn't bring in huge numbers of people but brought in people we don't see so often. Nice enough bit of promotion, popular on Instagram.
  • Hack the Space evening, 6th November
    • Not particularly productive, keep getting stuck Docker and hosting as much as fab manager. Still a lot to do.
    • Should prioritise some elements and focus on those - booking equipment and managing desk usage & services subscribed to

Upcoming Events

  • Christmas Party, 15th December
    • Sean to send another email and Google Group message, JP Instagram, Sean to create an FB event today
    • Sean to check prices of beers
    • Julian to make some puzzles, maybe Ste's jigsaw.
    • Would be nice to have the bricks ready by then.
    • Have a small craft fayre letting people sell their stuff


Basically stable, new permanent desk starter, lost Liam, losing a flexidesk, Sale Sharks regular event room booking all helping. Keeping on top of bills.

Current Room Usage

  • Sale Sharks - Tuesday - Friday "half day", until the end of January. We should make sure that we talk to the tutor and also see if we can introduce them to the rest of the space sometime. Involve them in the Christmas decorations too.
    • Intercom - can be a bit annoying, can we get them to manage it more? Maybe consider giving them extra fobs although we'd like to restrict them more.
  • Carpets - going into Room 29 on Monday 19th so this room needs to be cleared. Event room over Christmas so will also need to be cleared then.


  • Food Bank Drive

    • Which one? North or South & Central? No strong opinions really, which is convenient for us might be the differentiator.
    • Need to get a list of what to bring in, and when.
    • Need to then promote
    • Run until just after the party - although check this with the food bank to find out when would best.
    • Start promoting from the 3rd December, promote with the rest of the fabric district and tapestry.
    • Invite a rep from the food bank to the Christmas party?
    • Can consider repeating in the future.
  • Christmas Decorations

    • We should have some!
    • We will need to buy more as we have a bigger space.
  • Air con - is being fixed in the main room so that we can have warmth and cold without issues!

  • Christmas market

    • Considering whether we could organise one, potentially in the ground floor space.
    • Check what Gary Millar is planning in the Fashion Hub
  • Plastic Tactics are around Maker Day/Night and might be interested in doing stuff with us. They may be able to provide materials for us.

  • Buy a fire safe door "wedge" thing - we'll just go ahead and buy one.

  • We have a 3D scanner available for use now.

  • New (old, found) 3D printer is being worked on by Wesley, making some progress, still not sure about the control card.

  • Intercom/doors

    • Helen suggests having the main room door unlocked. Few ways to do it, we'll go with the fire safe door prop for now. Might be worth having a conch system for who's answering the door this hour, or day, etc. Placement of the phone could be improved too.
    • Should document what to do, laminated print-out by each phone.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

  • 20th December, 7pm
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