Community Meeting 20181220

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Attendees: Original Sean, Nuclear Sean, Zarino, Will, Catherine, Mike, JR

Review of/actions from last meeting

  • Publicise Christmas Party
    • Done!
  • Clear Room 29 for carpets
    • Done!
  • Create and Publicise Foodbank Drive
    • Done!

Recent Events

  • Synth meet
    • Didn’t go well. Mostly down to people being away / out shopping for Christmas.
    • Jason has offered to help publicise next one (9th Feb?) via Fabric District / Tapestry channels.
  • Christmas Decorations Workshop
    • Went really well. Overran (about 4 hours in total) but food and projects went down well. Total 25 attendees, paying £15 each. Cost roughly £150, so circa £200 profit.
    • Big thanks to all the helpers, including Jackie, Helen, Zarino, Mike, Stu, Matt, Chris T, Tom, and Emma.
    • ACTION: Zarino or Jackie to send out follow-up email, for feedback.
  • Christmas Party
    • New space worked really well for this. Mix of atmospheres between the event room, the kitchen, and the main space.
    • Did it cheaper than normal – food and drink from Lidl was fine!

Upcoming Events

  • DoES is officially closed to non-keyholders from 5pm Friday 21st Dec to 9am Thursday 3rd Jan, with the exception of Thursday 27th and Friday 28th, when we’re aiming to be open for visitors. Keyholders / Out of Hours members can still enter at any time.
  • Sean and Matt have been working on plans for a non-destructive robot tournament, to run in January or February.
    • Mike suggests holding an in-person workshop that people can attend to learn more, before the competition.
    • Matt is working on setting up a Discourse channel for planning.
  • ACTION: Folks to have a think about future workshops (like the Christmas Decoration workshop) we could run in the first half of 2019. Valentines Day? Mothers Day? Easter?


  • We’re breaking even, but we have a cashflow issue.
    • Discussion of switching people to Direct Debits via GoCardless. Give a discount for payment via DD?
    • Discussion of capping Out Of Hours access to certain number of visits or certain amount of time?
    • Could we add a doorbot to the lasers, so we can track how much time each invidual person uses?
    • ACTION: Sean to put a label / sheet on honesty boxes asking people to make a note if they’re paying for their time / membership in cash, so we can make a note in the accounts.
  • We’ve struggled to pay the service charge this month, mostly because electricity bill has been high, and we had two unusual expenses (conflict resolution training and accountancy fees).
    • ACTION: Zarino to keep an eye on the air con temperature settings – 21℃ should be plenty?
    • ACTION: Sean to investigate whether we’re locked into our energy supplier, and whether it’s a competitive price.
  • Some discussion of whether the accountancy fees were reasonable / whether they paid for themselves.
  • Discussion of plans to put SONOFF switches on the high-power devices (eg: laser cutters) to track power usage.
  • The open windows in the laser room (for extraction) are a problem
    • Discussion of signage on high-power machines, telling people how much they cost to run, per hour.
    • ACTION: Sean & Mike to recap (via github / Adrian / John) the latest plans for extraction in laser room.

Current Room Usage

  • Ben needs Dinky to be sorted, so he can use it along with the soundproof room.
    • ACTION: Mike to rebuild large wooden dining table.
    • ACTION: Sean G to organise furniture moving day, on January Maker Day.
    • Other things:
      • Carpeting
      • Heating
  • Discussion of tidying up the "alcove" next to the CNC room.
    • Nuclear Sean has come up with a layout for fitting Morris the non-functional laser cutter into the laser room.
    • ACTION: Sean & Mike to plan a day for people to help clearing out the alcove and moving Morris.
  • Kitchen
    • ACTION: Mike to put up the 4 black kitchen cupboards.


  • We’ve been nominated for an award from Inclusive Economy Liverpool (award ceremony at the end of January).
  • Adrian has set up "Fresh / Stale / Last chance" boxes as a way to clear unwanted stuff out of the space.
  • The 4-inch and 6-inch extraction tubes in laser room are leaking.
    • ACTION: Mike to measure pipes and send lengths to Sean G for purchasing.
    • ACTION: Mike & Nuclear Sean to work out plan for putting the blowers outside the building, to reduce noise.
  • Doors have been primed, but not painted. When can we get round to that?
  • Zarino and Sean cleared out the fridge today. There was some really old stuff in there. Need to do it more often!

Confirm time & date of next meeting

  • 17th January, 1pm
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