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Community Meeting 20190321

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Attendees: ES, TS, TJ, JP, SG, CF, JT, MG, LC, SJ

Review of/actions from last meeting

No specific actions taken from last meeting

Recent Events

  • Trip to University Fab Lab - JP spoke about this. The trip was definitely a success, and those that attended found it worthwhile.

  • Child Friendly Session - SG spoke about how the day had been deemed a success, despite some minor (getting locked in the room when the door handle broke) teething problems. JP asked whether we would be trying to spread it to other spaces, and SJ followed this up by expanding on whether Jelly Tots as a brand could go further. SG said there would be no issue with that, but it's not something that he has the bandwidth to organise, so it would be on other spaces to see what we're doing and try and emulate it.

  • Hack the Space Session - JP told us about the day, and how the Events Space floor had come on in leaps and bounds. There is still work to do, and people will be looking at doing more this weekend.

Upcoming Events

  • Gadget Show Filming - Thursday 28th, the Gadget Show will be filming a piece.

  • Fabric District Arts Festival - Still not sure what we'll be involved with. Hopefully we'll be doing a workshop for the fabric strand of it. ACTION - JP to find out if we can borrow the defence dress back.

  • Makefest - JP reiterates that we'll have the stall, after party etc. SJ talked about the Robot War, and how they've had a breakthrough regarding the controllers which had been a sticking point. Everyone is now able to use whatever controller they like. A timer will be required, but that could just be a Pi on a monitor. There is a separate forum at ACTION - JP/ES to publicise this on Instagram

  • Festival of Maintenance (29/9) - Held in Liverpool this year, quite a few DoES people will be involved, and DoES will be officially co-hosting. SJ may well be interested in organising a practical session to run in DoES, although would not be able to attend. This is a ticketed event. there is a website at where you can see last year's videos and will likely be able to watch this year's.

  • MG is holding another Synth event at the next Maker Day.


JP and SG discussed the financial report, and SG talked about the reasons behind the price negotiated with Sale Sharks, and how we will hopefully not have to keep this deal after July.

MG asked whether we had ever gotten around to tracking our electrical usage. JT still wants to get access to the meter to set up some kind of tech. ACTION - SG to contact Jason and find out how we can get to it.


Cork for coasters are in the alcove if anyone wants to have a go at creating some. ES and TS said that they'll have a crack.


We need to work on how we reach people to let them know about upcoming events. The best way seems to be having posters around the place, so ACTION - for SG to create these posters.

SJ has H&S posters for us which he will bring in. He also suggested that we should have individual folders for each item of equipment, showing authorised users, etc. SJ will show us an example that we can follow.

JT raised the idea of having a clean area in the workshop desk block. JP mentioned that it should be like that anyway, so we discussed ensuring that this happens in future. JP spoke about how there should be leeway for projects that were going to be used again the next day, for example, and everyone was happy with this.

SJ asked whether the person who broke the bandsaw blade should have to pay for a new one. JP said that that would be unfair retroactively, and we don't know who it was anyway, but it was decided that this was absolutely fair in future, and, in fact, is already in place for the CNC for example, and can very easily be expanded.

MG raised the issue of the storage boxes, and how there are some old ones that need recycling for new workshop members.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

25/4 1pm

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