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Community Meeting 20191128

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Review of/actions from last meeting

SG to make media mailouts a quarterly thing - beginning in January

SG to create a list of publications we could send things to

MG and SG to go through boxes on the storage shelves to get rid of any old ones and make sure everyone who has a membership has a box (Carried over - 4 months)

SG to work with laser team to collate ideas for laser room tidyness and small scale maintenance after a couple of weeks, then create the poster - not enough feedback yet, SG to create something and hope people are offended enough by how bad it is to fix it

SG to update our mailing list of councillors and the like - SG to attempt to sit down with Adrian to go through the list.

JP to find out why we were unsuccessful with our application for Awesome Liverpool funding - JP spoke to Zarino, who said it was probably down to the fact that they usually try and fund something that wouldn't happen without that money, which ours would (and did)

SG to "come up with options" re: adding copy to the mugs to say what we do - (Github Issue Carried Forward - 1 month)

AL to do a tip run with 'Fresh, Stale, Last Chance' items - (Carried forward - 1 month)

SG to find out who would be interested in running basic skills classes, and in what - Email sent, so will carry over.

SG to organise Hack the Space day

Recent Events

Ladies of Code Hackathon - Didn't happen - organiser's mum was ill, so it was cancelled.

Global GovJam - Apparently went well, JP assumes that Joe will want to do more things here. An invoice of £136 has been issued for room hire.

Repair Cafe - Went well, although it was quieter than last time. MG said he thinks that we fixed 14 items. MG also mentioned that there is a national Repair Cafe day coming up in February, so that will be one that is worth publicising heavily. He reported that we have a success rate of >80%, which is great.

Upcoming Events

Christmas Decorations Workshop - 1st/8th Dec - 7 tickets sold so far, but at double the price of last year. Currently, tickets have only been sold for the 1st, but JP says that she hasn't tried pushing the second event yet. The ticket price will get you 6 decorations.

Christmas Party - 14th Dec - Will be happening. Possibility of having board/card games to help bring people together. ACTION: SG to create posters and send another Mailchimp.

Beaded Bracelet Workshop - 14th Dec - Mahi Ali will be running this. People will get two bracelets for the ticket price. No tickets sold yet, as we haven't publicised it properly yet.

Christmas Market - 21st Dec - Will be happening, and SG has guaranteed that even if other organisers pull out. We're still accepting stallholders if anyone is interested.

Next Repair Cafe - 26th January



Fairly uneventful month, although we paid annual insurance fine and income was good. Nothing in particular to mention regarding income but we had a few event room bookings and took for four mailboxes. We put off paying the rates though so that helped with the outgoings, we will likely have to make another payment soon if we don't hear something positive back from our appeal over the relief.


We have leaflets that can be delivered around town if anyone wants to take some. We'll have mugs in the New Year.


Sheet material storage - JP has brought this from the Directors' Meeting. There is a lot of sheet material being stored around, although it is thought that this can be improved when Monty is finished and can be moved into place, and we could create a storage unit. MG suggested signage stating that anything left behind will be classed as a donation.

Thanks to Chris Hopkins - Raised by Zarino. We want to officially recognise Chris' contribution to DoES, and the amount that he has done, particularly as a new member who has thrown himself into the Issues List and everything else that is DoES.

Discuss printers to keep or dispose of - MG will take home his black laser printer. Other than that, there really aren't the right people here to discuss it. ACTION - SG to create a discussion item on github.

Christmas Hack the Space Day - JP has been tasked to propose this from the Directors' Meeting. It's being looked at as a day between Christmas and New Year, and would be a day for organising, tidying, etc rather than software issues. ACTION - SG to attempt to organise this.

Community Meeting - SG has suggested reverting to a 2-1 formation for meetings, but 2 evening ones then a daytime, as the evenings tend to bring in more people. Everyone seems happy with this.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

Thursday 19th December, 1pm. This will be a Christmas meeting, with mince pies, etc.

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