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Attendees: Zarino Zappia, Patrick Fenner, Alex Lennon, John McKerrell, Seán Gleeson

Review of/actions from last meeting

A new issue has been raised to create an 'Actions' tag to make it easier to find meeting actions. Other actions raised as Github issues.

Recent Events

Rocket Building Workshop Seems to have been well attended and successful judging by photos and feedback, although no-one present attended.

Upcoming Events

28th October - Craft Council Events Make:Shift:Do is coming up. Jackie asked that we mention that Zoe Dennington from the Crafts Council will be attending, and that we're still looking for further volunteers, etc.

Building Move

Lease is almost there, with just minor tweaks being made. We have been asked to provide agreements between us and our users regarding subletting, etc, and are going to work with Jason to make that happen. There are other issues which are being ironed out - such as 24 hour access. It is possible that we may have to pay an as yet unknown fee for overnight security, although this is not certain, and would be at cost. However, having a potential fee hanging over us is concerning. The layout is still proving to be a stumbling block. We want to cover all eventualities, but not lose any of the usability that we have now. However, this has to be combined with taking care of building regs. There was a discussion about whether there is actually a requirement for a separate lockable office, but it was decided that, since that has never been the problem, and it's a useful thing to have, that it should stay. PF raised the idea of putting a door between the Events Space and Co-working space (if they are contiguous) to allow for the space to be opened up as and when needed, and bring the Events Space into more regular play. PF mentioned that the 'Town Square' area would be unbillable, but SG argued that it could be valuable in other ways. There was further discussion around whether or not we needed to have full height walls. Not doing so would allow the builders to get lighting in without us having to finalise a floorplan right now, but would compromise security, and then would also cause problems with sound bleed.

The new pricing structure is almost there - currently the idea is that there will be a slight increase in pricing but with a membership which will basically allow for those increases to be, just about, cancelled out. SG asked about membership fees, and whether they would be included with permanent desks. It seemed to be agreed that it would be included. Membership would possibly allow us to sidestep Corporation Tax through being a 'club'. AL points out that, as pricing changes are always awkward, we should take this opportunity to let people know that prices will be reviewed year on year to ensure that we are still competitive and take into account inflation.

High Priority Somebody-Should's

Laser cutter belts need chasing by SG. HPC owe us money, so should either refund or send us the belts. The Ultimakers need fixing. Olsen blocks are what has been recommended, and PF explained why - it has benefits for reliability, ease of repair in the future, ease of use, so, while being more expensive, it is worth it in the long run.


Discourse: PF raised that, as the website meeting never happened, Discourse has been in limbo. As there's no current activity, he suggested that everything was backed up, and the account would be cancelled. SG has emailed today about the website meeting, and is waiting to hear back about when people are available.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

Next meeting will be 16/11 at 1pm.

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