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Attendees: SG, JP, ZZ, JRP, JT, AM, CH, PF

Review of/actions from last meeting

As last meeting was cancelled, there are no actions. The only outstanding action currently is for Alex Lennon to investigate streaming solutions, and is ongoing.

Recent Events

Make:Shift: Do JP thinks that there may not be any more M:S:D events as the craft council may use the money for other things. SG asked whether it might be worth, if that is the case, carrying on the event under the DoES umbrella, which is possible but would not someone to drive forward. ACTION: SG to investigate viability.

DoES event weas a success, and people have continued their interest in DoES since then. Out of the event, we were driven towards buying a mug press, so it was useful as a 'market research' type event. AM suggested that having a more clear flow for the day would have been helpful, but largely everyone was happy.

Maybe in future we should have a little more experience of what we're going to be doing rather than learning on the day so that things can run more seamlessly, although everyone learning together does help to show the DoES ethos - it might not work first time, but it will in the end.

Upcoming Events

Newcastle Maker Faire - deadline is Jan 15th. ACTION: JP to lead the application ACTION: Think about whether we can have new, large projects that more of the community can get involved in for future events. There is no owner for this, as it is a long term goal. JT asked whether it would be possible to have smaller scale, open day type events for Makers to get together rather than waiting for huge events. AM suggested DoESCon might be a solution to this. ACTION: JT to investigate whether other hackspaces/makerspaces would be interested in hosting or visiting us.

Building Move

ZZ spoke - currently John is talking to Tomi (the architect) and chasing up shop fitters looking for quotes. ZZ has spoken to a couple of people he knows through recommendation, one has declined but one is interested in giving us a quote for the work we will need doing.

The builders are taking longer than expected, so there are further delays - they won't be out by the end of the year as anticipated. We can move in whilst they are there and begin our fitout, but our rent free period will start when we take keys, which could leave us liable for rent while there is still work going on should there be even more delay. John has suggested that the rent free period start either one month after we take keys or two weeks after the builders leave, whichever is later and that seems to have had a promising reaction.

Likelihood is that we will get keys in January.

ZZ asked if anyone would be interested in helping to create scale models of the new space and all the equipment that will need to go in. As well as this, we'll be looking to create an inventory of everything that DoES owns.

ACTION: SG to try and arrange a viewing in the New Year for the wider community.


PF suggested that DoES should have an official Code of Conduct and an Equalities Officer.

Making is moving more towards including crafts and things in order to invite more equal representation, and PF has done some research which suggests that DoES is somewhat behind the curve, and is behind where we want to be. If we intend to be as inclusive as possible, then we need to take active steps to do so.

Nottingham Hackspace's CoC is clear and available if we should wish to adopt that (with some changes).

JP said that this is scheduled to be raised at the Directors' Meeting, and asked PF to put something together in writing to lead the discussion.


There is discussion around the new building opening hours. These have been proposed for January. It was suggested that we write a letter with our grievances on, and have done so, so we will have to wait and see how that pans out.

PF asked about the TiR role, which is currently being reviewed - AM said that we don't know whether that will continue after the move, but we'll be figuring that out.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

18th January at 1pm.

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