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Attendees: JM, AM, SG, PF, HC

Review of/actions from last meeting

Alex to investigate streaming solutions - In Progress

SG to investigate viability of M:S:DoES

JT to investigate possibility of Maker Space visits/exchanges - Ongoing, JT is currently in Madrid.

SG to check labels in 'Somebody Should' and ensure that they're actually suitable - there is more work to do, but this is on it's way.

Look into Nottinghack's lone worker policy. No one was specifically assigned - There is a github issue for this.

Recent Events

Visit to Tapestry - went well, people who came along seemed happy and the community have been given the opportunity to have a look around.

Upcoming Events

Liverpool Make Fest 30 June 2018

This is our home make fest, and the one where we will have the biggest presence. Please get in touch with any ideas, and thoughts about what you would like to display.

Manchester Make Fest at MOSI 26 – 27 May 2018

Deadline to apply is 4 March. There has been some discussion at previous meetings about how much DoES benefits from participating in this. Maybe we would be able to get some money for expenses (see next but one point). We need to make a decision very quickly about whether or not to apply for this.

Maker Faire in Newcastle 28 – 29 April 2018

Both Made Invaders and Play the Tree have been accepted – we also have space to display other stuff, so all suggestions welcome. There is a survey deadline of 19 Feb, and it seems that risk assessments need to be done by 29 March.

It would be good if as many people came as possible. It is a good fun weekend with loads of stuff to see, and the more people who go the less time everyone needs to spend manning our stand. Hotels can be expensive so it’s good to book as far in advance as possible. There may be other options such as hostels or apartments. We could arrange a minibus as in previous years, or possibly use a van and a couple of cars (cheaper).

Space Late at MOSI Wednesday 14 March 7 - 10pm

This will feature Tim Peake’s Soyuz capsule. Georgina Wells from MOSI sent an email at the end of January to see if MadeInvaders could be part of the evening, which was forwarded to Patrick.

Jen has just got back to me to say she’s been in touch with them and that they would be happy to pay a fee, plus expenses for volunteers. She might also be doing a workshop. Defproc will be organising this, so anyone who is interested should contact them.

Binary Festival Thursday 22 March (day and evening)

Jackie will be going along, but we're not sure that there's much in it for DoES, other than the people that will be there. That might make the after party the best place for any DoES members to showcase what we do.

Night Out 23 February

Darran has suggested a night out (not just DoES). There is a a “Scouse in a bowl” event at Fodder Canteen on Norfolk Street on Friday 23 February (£10 for a bowl of scouse and you get an artist-designed bowl to take away with you). Apparently there are good pubs for a chat afterwards too. Interested? Get in touch and spread the word to similarly minded people around the city.

Building Move

JM gave an update. The move is getting very close, and the end of this month now seems likely. Jason has said if we want to get our builders in, we can, as theirs are overrunning and that shouldn't impact on us any more.

Windows have been removed where we had discussed having a hatch, but we need to speak to them quickly to ensure that it is finished the way we want.

Toilets are progressing, the walls have been built so it might just be down to the plumber now. Steps to the toilets have also been put in.

We have around 5 quotes for the work we want, with a wide range of prices. One we can afford outright with money in the bank, three others are affordable with a little crowdfunding.

We've managed to salvage some desks from upstairs, which will just about cover the requirements. As well as that, the corralling of the community to help is going well too.


Will be discussed at the next Directors' Meeting on Monday.


HC told us what is the current situation.

HC met with Chris Huffee and it was decided that there would be a reward structure in place. A mail has been sent to the Google Group asking for ideas and also help, Neil Morrin has replied to offer help. To this point, no-one has offered any suggestions for rewards.

SG said that he has ideas, but wouldn't be able to fulfil them and doesn't want to volunteer other people to do work. SG will post on the message with some ideas, but making it clear he can't do them, in the hope of starting a conversation.

In terms of timeframe, we need to begin this quickly - hopefully by the end of next week so that we can get it pushed out as far as possible. HC will be meeting with Chris Huffee on Monday to move us further on.

SG to open a Github issue so that it's possible to tag people who may have missed it on email.

Some of the comms that will come out of it about the good that DoES does and what it means to the people who come here, will feed into the new website update.


Meeting Time - there is discussion around moving it to an early start or pushing it backwards towards Maker Night. We could incorporate a three month cycle so that more people have the chance to attend, with three different times.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

March 15th 7pm

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