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Attending: AM, JP, CT, SG, DF

Review of/actions from last meeting

Alex to investigate streaming options - Still ongoing

A decision was to be made on Manchester Make Fest - We're not attending this year

Recent Events

Space Late at MOSI Wednesday 14 March 7 - 10pm

JP and SG attended with Def-Proc. Set up was very easy as the people doing it were mostly experienced. There were some issues with the electrics, but the event as a whole was great, and people seemed very happy with the exhibit.

Upcoming Events

Liverpool Make Fest 30 June 2018 We will be in attendance again, aiming to have a similar presence as last year, so there is plenty of scope for lots of things to be taken. Nearer the time, we will try and ask people for examples of their work to display.

Manchester Make Fest at MOSI 26 – 27 May 2018 - No longer attending

Maker Faire in Newcastle 28 – 29 April 2018 Play The Tree will be going as our main attraction. Risk assessments still need to be completed. AM said he may have to go straight to Newcastle from Washington DC rather than coming back to Liverpool, which would make transporting the Tree more tricky. This was definitely not a humblebrag, and nor were the next five minutes where he made us all jealous with what he will be doing.

Light Night 18 May 2018 DoES will not be specifically involved in Light Night, but some community members will be, and anyone who wants to get involved are welcome to do so.

Fabric District Festival 10 - 12 May 2018 DoES is planning to be involved somehow, but we haven't yet decided how. The minimum expectation is that we will run an open day to introduce people to us.

IoT Liverpool 9 April 2018 Alex Lennon has arranged for the UK CTO of IBM to attend, and is hoping for us to have something of a promotional push as this is quite a coup.

Mini Make Fest 23 March 2018 Ste and Jackie will be in attendance, Alex's VR suite will be part of our offering.

Building Move & Crowdfunding

There is an official moving date - April 3rd - and that means that a lot of work will be needed to be done over the Easter weekend, so anyone who is available to help should come along. So far, we have taken quite a bit of furniture and fittings over, and painting has begun on the walls that we've had built.

Jackie is usually the point person for anyone who wants to help, and she should be the first point of contact for anyone wishing to come along.

JP is to find out about the bricks for sublimation printing.

The crowdfunder is going very well so far, we've raised just over half of the target. We are reaching out to various media outlets, and looking for anyone with contacts within places like the local listings magazines - Bido Lito, Ethos, etc - to start discussions with them about publicising the move and crowdfunder.

JP is to speak to Brantina about whether she would be interested in doing a sublimation printing course.


AM spoke about how the policy has been released to the wider community and has received lots of feedback, so there's a very definite sense that it will be something which will hopefully be satisfactory to everyone.


AM is meeting with someone from the British Council about twinning Maker Spaces.

Confirm time & date of next meeting

19th April 1pm, New Dinky

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