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In addition to the physical Rooms here is a summary of the information services that we rely on. A lot of it is kept in github projects under the DoES Liverpool organization github account. If you sign up to github and you can be added to the team as a member in order to maintain the wiki, issues list and codebase. The people who maintain these things can be found in the partial list of members.

Software that is not to do with the whole hack-space, such as that which runs the laser cutters or vinyl cutters, is noted for each piece of equipment.

Wiki at

Place for this page and other things, such as our lists of equipment and instructions on how to use them. This stuff needs to be kept up to date as things change and acquire more knowledge about the equipment that needs to be shared.

Issues list at

This is the general-purpose hack-space debugger to report, for example, if the coffee maker has broken. Stuff we're going to buy often gets discussed here.

Website at

This is the official website for DoES Liverpool using Wordpress. It contains some general information that would be considered useful for new visitors and is our main promotion portal. The domains and this website are hosted by 34sp in an account that the Organisers all have access to.

The weeknotes are generated semi-automatically on Mondays using the code on the basis of people who tweet a message (preferably with a picture) with the hashtag #weeknotes who's account is followed by the DoESLiverpool twitter account. Generally the DoES Liverpool twitter account will follow anyone who follows it but ask one of the [[Organisers] if you have issues, then start weeknoting!

Weeknotes are also sent to the Google Group, Facebook and posted on Linked In (by Adrian)

Various Web Listings

See Web Listings


Our system of controlling entry to the rooms and tracking who's coming in when (for billing purposes if you have chosen to pay on a day-rate). It uses keyfobs or your RFID credit card. The code is at: the entry list is maintained by the Organisers and you should contact them if you need access. Most people will be given a key fob that gives them access during business hours and 24 hour access can be given on payment of a deposit.

The maintenance of the access list is not automated enough issue 166.

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

All of the Organisers have access to the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. The Twitter and Instagram accounts are reasonably active. The Facebook account is less active although it does receive the week notes and Instagram posts and we're looking at putting more things on there.

Slack and IRC

IRC is not really used any longer although there is still a #doesliverpool channel on the Freenode network that a few people hang about in.

There are more people on slack, although again it doesn't get a lot of activity. You can sign up for Slack here: That is hosted on Heroku, at least John McKerrell and Patrick Fenner have access to the Heroku account for that site.


The incoming fibre should provide 500MB/second and comes into the room in the networking rack behind the meeting nook.

The network comes into the Baltic Broadband router which gives us a 192.168.1.x IP currently (we are waiting on a static IP) and then our router is in front of that running in the 10.x.x.x range.

You should be using DHCP with our network and you will be served an IP anywhere from - The gateway should be picked up as and subnet as

Our router, switches and access points are configured via the UniFi controller which is installed on a raspberry pi in the network rack and accessible from One of the organisers or @skos-ninja has the login and can configure or reset things as needed.

We have three Unifi access points covering each of Room 29, the Events Room and the main space.!/machines

MQTT services and automation

See MQTT services for details on the node-red and MQTT automation technology, as can be seen at the front beside the kitchen.

Shared storage

An SMB server is running on a samba FreeNAS installation at IP or at freenas.local where users of the space can easily share files with all of the working machines on the network. This should not be treated as permanent storage, as files can be viewed and deleted by other users. the Nextcloud service we have is more suitable for that sort of usage.

Access this from Linux is automatic, but from Windows10 you need to right-click on "This PC", select "Add a network location", then "Choose a custom network location" and enter "\\\does-samba". The new folder will appear under "This PC".

See also issue

Calendars and booking

The front page website has some embedded calendars: We have google calendars known as (1) the events calendar, (2) small laser cutter calendar, (3) large laser cutter calendar.

There is also (1) laser cutting booking system for both lasers, under and (2) the Dinky room booking system at

Some of our events show up in defnetmedia liverpool digital events calendar, a number of people including Adrian McEwen and John McKerrell have access to this calendar and try to copy events over when they remember.

Accounts and billing

This is mostly managed by Seán Gleeson, the administrator, using an on-line accounting system called FreeAgent. As a member or occasional visitor who buys time on the laser cutter, you will receive by email PDF invoices (and reminders if you haven't paid) urging you to transfer money into our Co-op bank account. Please include payment references to make it easier to reconcile the statements.

At the end of the year we need to file our accounts with the tax office and with companies house.

Future development

There is a Hack The Space evening the first Tuesday of every month, to review the infrastructure of this nature. The priority is to find a new equipment booking system, owing to the expected demise of the youcanbookme service. We have been looking at A FabLab instance to see if that software can be made to fit our needs.

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