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We now have a dishwasher, it is an Apell AP410 which is a white label SMEG. Using it is quite simple. One thing to note is that the door has an unfortunate issue that it won't remain open. We're not sure if this is because it needs to be fitted within a cabinet or because there's an actual fault (although it seems likely it's the former).


  • Mugs and glasses on the top rack
  • Plates, bowls and pans on the bottom rack, although we're unlikely to have pans
  • Cutlery in the basket

We don't have a lot of dishes and most of them are mugs, also some of our glasses are quite tall. It's mostly ok to put glasses and mugs in the bottom although it would be best not to do the most vigorous wash in this configuration.


  • Find a dishwasher table from the box in the cupboard under the workshop sink, remove the plastic wrapped, place it within the plastic housing on the inside of the dishwasher door and close the plastic door of the housing. The plastic housing is not quite big enough so it will be a tight fit.
  • Without closing the door fully press the On/Off button on the right.
  • Select operation by highlighting one of the modes on the left, the LED above the icon will change as you press the button on the left. The modes get more vigorous from left to right.
    • Leftmost - 9 minute rinse only
    • Delicate - 59 minute, suitable for lightly soiled dishes, our most regularly used
    • Eco - 130-175 minute (not sure which), normally dirty dishes washed straight after use
    • Normal - 80 minute, normal even with some dried on
    • Intensive - 105 minute, Very dirty with dried on residues
  • Push the door closed fully

The washer might not make much noise for a while. When the programme finishes there is a short beep and the LEDs for the two modes on the right light up. You should wait 20 minutes for the dishes to cool down before emptying.

The manual is in the filing cabinet for full instructions

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