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DoES Liverpool Future gazing

John McKerrell edited this page May 21, 2019 · 2 revisions

What: A session for the entire DoES Liverpool community to get together and ponder how we could/should/might develop in the future.

When: Likely one Friday late-afternoon into evening session in summer 2019 (hopefully that will allow day-time members to chip in before heading home, and let those with day-jobs call in after work)

How: Led by Adrian and Ross, as they ran through a similar process a while back at a workshop run by Hannah Stewart and Liz Corbin and we're going to steal their idea (with their permission) and tweak it for our own purposes


  • Get some wooden building blocks
  • Get a load of Sharpies, in assorted colours
  • Get some thin masking tape
  • Print out a set (or two?) of the topic-area stickers that Hannah created
  • Print an A3 copy of the DoES floorplan and stick that in the centre of the red tables in the events space
  • Draw a circle around that in masking tape, labelled "Fabric District"
  • Draw a circle around that in masking tape, labelled "Liverpool"
  • Draw a circle around that in masking tape, labelled "Everywhere else"

Should we have a "wall of the past" to stick post-its up under each of the headings explaining how we've done things in the past (as lots of people won't be aware of the policy-related stuff, etc. that we've previously done)?

Write our ideas about specific topics onto the building blocks with the Sharpies, with a topic sticker on, and then place the blocks in suitable formations on the plan/circles

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