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Electronics Equipment

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Electronics Equipment

Aside from basics, like wire strippers and pliers, there's a whole bunch of useful stuff. Julian has put a lot of spare components in the 4-sided drawer pillar to be used for anything interesting.

Soldering Irons

  • Weller 50W (blue power supply), (long-term loan from AdrianMcEwen)
  • Thermaltronics TMT-2000S 50W Soldering Station, (long-term loan from AdrianMcEwen)
  • Hakko 858D Hot air system (Monty)



  • Tektronix 2232 DSO 100MHz (with manual) donated by NOC.
  • Tektronix TDS 210 60MHz on loan from Alex Lennon (@embedded_iot)
  • Espotek Labrador Board a handy one board oscilloscope and signal generator with UI on your computer

Logic Analyzer

Bench power supplies

  • Blue one 5V @ 3A, 5V @ 1A and +/-12V @ 1A (long-term loan from AdrianMcEwen)
  • Grey QW-MS3010D DC power supply <rated 30V, 10A> (long-term loan from @ajlennon)


  • GPS repeater in "Sensor Boards" drawer, right hand side of workshop under Vinyl cutter. The bit with the USB power connector is the transmitter and sits inside. The other bit sits outside. The USB power connector goes in a USB socket (although an improvement is seen even when unpowered) (loan from @ajlennon)
  • USB power packs spare ones in the drawer behind Gerald fetched out of a skip by Jackie's friend
  • USB memory sticks there's a pot of these in a container on Sophia's computer
  • SD card reader also attached to Sophia's computer

Component Stocks

  • We have a resistors and all sorts of other components in stock for general use. Mostly from the hoard that NOC donated. They are slowly being sorted through and put into labelled storage. Please help :-) So far a list of some of the components can be found at StockComponents
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