Emergency Lights

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Emergency Lights

We have emergency lights over the main doors in the main room, Room 29 and the Events room; there is also an emergency light over the fire exit by the toilets in the main room.

These are battery-backed so will stay illuminated even in the case of a power cut for a period of at least 3 hours.

The battery should be run down once every 3 months. To do this you will need the key that is on the key-ring with the key to the post box. There is a special light switch on the light switches for each of the rooms, and then the one for the rear emergency exit is within the soundproof room.

A green light on the emergency light indicates that it has external power. Insert the key into the light switch pointing down, then push it up. The green light will go out but the light should remain lit. Once the battery has run down the light should go off. This should take at least 3 hours but might take longer. This should be done during the daytime and special care should be taken if there is a fire or other emergency. The lights should be turned back on before darkness.

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