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Financials Report

We're now publishing a monthly financial report to keep people more in touch with DoES Liverpool's money situation. The report is based on an export from a FreeAgent Profit & Loss report which shows figures based on invoice dates rather than when funds are received, as such it should only be used as an indication rather than an accurate report of DoES Liverpool's income and outgoings. If payments come in a later month after the report has been generated then they may never show on these wiki pages. As such if the reports get regenerated then this may cause the numbers to change (as overdue invoices have been paid).

The FreeAgent report also comes with this statement:

Monthly Operating Profit excludes Depreciation and Income/Corporation Taxes

We aim to publish this report as close to the beginning of each month as possible. That then makes it available to the Directors Meeting and the Community Meeting each month.

This was inspired by monthly reports put out by Nottinghack:


FreeAgent actually has a great description of the categories on their website. Some additional information follows:

  • Sales - This basically covers most of our income, including desk rental, material sales, almost everything except..
  • Grant Income - This basically covers anything that is not a sale, most of this will be "Friend of DoES" membership although if we were ever to take funding, most likely for specific events, it would show up here.
  • Office Costs - Service charge will show up here – this covers a long list of things that the landlord pays for and passes costs on to us for, e.g. cleaning windows, cleaning the communal areas, various fire and health & safety compliance testing, and more. Electricity will show up here too (as it's paid along with the service charge). Other general things might show up here
  • Internet & Telephone - We get VOIP services from Andrews & Arnold and internet from Baltic Broadband. Besides this we occasionally use a 3G SIM when attending events.
  • Web Hosting - We use various online services to host DNS, websites and other online services (e.g. the laser booking system) payments for those should show up here (unless they get bunched into office costs).
  • Fixtures & Fittings - These do not actually show up on these reports.

Generation of the reports

The reports are generated using a ruby script found here:

It's a Rake task as part of a larger Rails app that generates graphs used in the yearly money blog posts. The script takes a CSV file that has been exported from FreeAgent for the Profit & Loss data and a manually compiled YAML file containing the summary information and notes. To generate it you would use a command line similar to the following:

rake generate:profit_and_loss_summary[~/Downloads/monthly_profit_and_loss_2018-08-01_2019-01-16.csv,~/Coding/doesliverpool/financial-report-summaries/2018/financial-summary-201812.yaml,4]

Those arguments are:

  • ~/Downloads/monthly_profit_and_loss_2018-08-01_2019-01-16.csv - location of the CSV profit and loss file
  • ~/Coding/doesliverpool/financial-report-summaries/2018/financial-summary-201812.yaml - location of the YAML summary file
  • 4 - which column of the CSV to use indexed from zero but skipping the first column
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