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Serious ideas belong in the somebody-should... database.

Develop Graze-style food-boxes with local food-company (Matta's? BSC?)

VideoAdvert for DoES Liverpool's "Autumn Season"

  • Advert for "Autumn at DoES Liverpool"
  • Clips of videos of previous events with interview snippets from organisers
  • Very much in the style of TV channels showing previews of their [next season]'s programming
  • Web page
  • Really needs somewhere to direct people to for more info better than just our calendar so would probably need an accompanying webpage.

#####Quick list of the events on this Autumn:

  • BarCamp Liverpool 3
  • IOT Howduino
  • Liverpool DoES Startups
  • GeekUp
  • Maker Night/Maker Day

Obviously ours wouldn't be quite so "dramatic" as some of these, but this gives an idea of the concept:


A fun idea to encourage people to Do Epic Shit. When you get your first trophy you also get a small laser-cut trophy cabinet (bookcase-style I suspect) which will hold your trophies.

The trophies are small 3D prints to celebrate involvement in DoES or in the sorts of activities that the DoES community would like to promote. Ideas so far:

  • 1st 3D print
  • 1st laser-cutting
  • Blink an LED on Arduino
  • Has run an event
  • Has started a startup
  • Has failed a startup (not that we want to encourage this, but we want to support failing)
  • Has had an exit
  • Has shipped a product


Regular podcast about the Liverpool making and startup community?

  • JohnMcKerrell - I like the idea of weekly but short?
  • Get Graham Holland of Liverpool Acoustic Podcast to suggest a couple of tracks to play
  • Consider doing a video podcast to properly show off DoES, if possible do an audio version, although maybe they need to be separate files.


Projects that started out here but have graduated into real projects

  • ExpandIntoDinky: growing the DoES empire, one small room at a time, bwahahaha!
  • LiverpoolDoesStartups: startup weekend style event
  • Build a temperature alarm unit (Arduino + buzzer + temp sensor at a minimum) for the LaserCutter water system
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