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Friends of DoES

John McKerrell edited this page Oct 23, 2018 · 6 revisions

A few years back Francis Irving suggested we had a "Friends of DoES" option for people who didn't necessarily need a desk at the moment but wanted to support DoES with a regular payment. We have now made this an official membership scheme which gives discounts on prices. If you want to become a Friend of DoES then simply set up a regular payment of £10/month. You can do this using a standing order to send money to our bank account using your name as a reference or by following the PayPal link below.


The following link will get you going with a regular monthly payment via PayPal: Friend of DoES.

Bank Details

  • Bank: Co-operative Bank
  • Account Name: DoES Liverpool CIC
  • Sort Code: 089299
  • Account Number: 65487257
  • Reference: <YourName>

If you set this up it will also be useful if you can let us know so that we can keep an eye out for your payment.

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