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Future gazing 2019 07 28

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Area Block Notes
Universe Forums & Wikis * Website! More user content * Community involvement. Use forums more
Makerspaces * Exchange ideas; learn new things; welcoming environment * Replacing standard university education
Licensing * Engage with tech and businesses on our terms * DoES as a franchise
Alternative economics * Define a DoES methodology
Waste managing
Activism * Online discussions with people in other cultures
Liverpool Community * Website for Open Data (or teach how to) * School workshops - to inspire pupils to see results of coding/design skills * Working with other maker spaces * Ask for project ideas from the public * More outreach events to bring in wider + diverse community to use DoES - co-working + making
Activism * Asking consumers what they want
Supplier * Keep more stock? (Or should we let other people store for us?)
Investment * investment is currently targeted at large-scale projects. So think big! Work together in consortium
Research centres * Buy a building
Robots; Education * The Robo-challenge. This is meant to interest and engage with schools
Policy; Standards & reg tech * Lobby government to train more teachers with coding + IT qualifications
Fabric District Startups & SMEs * Workshops on how to start a business. Case studies
(IoT) Connected devices * Data displays: buses; pollution; number of people; it's market day!; events on, etc.
Manufacturers * Networks of firms of all sizes * Prototyping service/portal
Local Government; Open Data & Protocols * Climate crisis mobilization. We're all going to die! * Is it worth worrying about involvement with local government + regulation?
Light Entertainment * Christmas display
Activism * Involving Everton community
DoES Liverpool Culture * Technical support for events
Activism * Teaching * More discussion; reading groups; finding out and sharing ideas
Online Design Tools * Encourage simplicity; be more skeuomorph * Simulations - only make if you need to
Light Industry * Larger workshop; woodshop; machine tools
Blogs * Jekyll blogs: github_user = poster/author; textfile is the blog post
Software Provider * Make (parts of) DoES self-serve
Online Retail * Good to have some coalescing around expertise
Local Residents * Be more diverse & inclusive (ethnic, social...) * A diverse + broad co-working community providing a stable income * The events room should be an income generator and a facility for the local area
Supplier * Get paid for stuff (sublimation consumables, food + drink)
Repair * Regular repair cafe
Material & Component * Scarcity; Reuse, recycle; Make less -> more online
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