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How To Tackle A 'Somebody Should' Issue

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DoES Liverpool is run by the community, for the community, meaning that everyone has just as much right - and responsibility - as everyone else to deal with the issues that arise. If you see something on our Somebody Should List that you feel you can tackle, then please do!

It may well be that you feel uncomfortable doing so autonomously, and are unsure how to go about it. Doing so is very simple.

Taking, firstly, a very easy example - Issue 1061 noted a very easy to fix problem - we needed more labels for the label printer. The issue was raised, a solution found and noted - including a link to the purchase made, for future reference - and, when the items arrived, the issue was updated and closed.

Another similar, but more complex, issue is number 607. This refers to our new, large laser cutter, Morris, and the problems we've had getting the software up and running. As you can see, in this, the issue is raised, help sought and offered, and then a shopping list of items put together. When these are ordered, it's noted. However, there is then an issue with delivery, and this is updated regularly as new information is received. This means that everyone involved knows exactly what is going on, and allows anyone to pick up the issue if needs be, and follow up on it with external actors.

A good example of an issue that is not shopping related is number 254. Here, an issue is spotted - that we don't have any pullups or other advertising stands to take to events. The fact that the conversation is in the open allows others with relevant experience to see it and offer their help. From there, various people - who might otherwise not have been able to arrange a time to get together - are able to offer input and assistance, design is discussed, as is where we might get something printed, until eventually an agreement is reached and we go ahead and get things bought, at which point, the issue is closed. It's reopened when a fresh question about it is raised, but then closed again once answered.

As you will see, anyone can raise an issue - if you see something in the space that you think needs improving, let us know. If it's something you yourself can tackle, and you want to get on with it, document things so that everyone is on the same page. DoES belongs to all of you, so feel free to help make it the kind of space you want to work in.

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