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Intern tasks

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= Intern Tasks =

Here's a basic list of tasks that we can get an intern to do. The interns are here to help out DoES Liverpool but while here they may have time to help members with projects or work. Please discuss this with an organiser before asking interns to work on your own projects, but in general we really support our members both helping out with mentoring, and getting benefit from the work of the interns.

Obviously, if you plan to commandeer an intern to work exclusively on your own project for a longer period, that's also a possibility, but it might be appropriate for you to cover the cost of their desk for the period: again, please talk it through with the organisers.

== Intern Introduction Plan ==

  • Tour of DoES
  • Tell interns about specialities of DoES members
  • Ask interns about their own interests
  • Set up laptops for interns
  • Try out the ARDX kits, run through the examples.

=== DoES Liverpool Tasks ===

  • Print out flyers and take to Jelly
  • Be trained in use of laser cutter & 3D printer and then train others, print/cut things on demand
  • Plant vegetable garden
  • Paint Dinky
  • Experiment with sugar sintering.
  • --(Help design and print models for the "DoES Liverpool space planning tool")--
  • Work on the cigarette vending machine, get it doing something useful.
  • Design and laser-etch a "DoES Liverpool - Today's event:" sign to go in the front doorway to show where events are. Needs us to buy some laminate black/white perspex though
  • Complete the [DoorbotPrinter] and [MakerspaceStatus] projects.
  • Create more signage for around DoES, for the doors mainly.

=== Tasks for JohnMcKerrell ===

  • FAQ for CamViewer
  • Add features to CamViewer
  • Translate Basic Sat Nav, add smiley face functionality.
  • MapMe.At Traveller
  • WhereDial
  • Test more, with dodgy internet connection if possible
  • Test different materials, designs?
  • Build
  • Build!
  • --(Design PCB for WhereDial)--
  • --(Write new Arduino code for WhereDial)--

=== Tasks for HakimCassimally ===

  • Happy to mentor with basics of Perl
  • HTML/CSS work
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