IoT Lending Library

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IoT Lending Library

The IoT lending library is a DoES resource for use of the DoES maker community

It is located in the DoES workshop and looks like this.

IoT Lending Library

You are free to borrow anything in the drawers to develop, learn or just play, but please return after use so others can have the benefit of this resource.

Checking out and returning items

To check out an item from the lending library please follow this process:

  • decide on the item you wish to check out
  • locate the QR code sticker on the item. it looks like this:

QR Code Example

  • scan the QR code with your phone which will open an issue on the DoES lending library page.

If for any reason you can't find the QR code sticker, go to the iot-lending-library space here and create a new issue manually

  • find the issue on the DoES lending library page here (it will be the newest!).

  • leave your name on the issue and the reason for borrowing (just because it's interesting!)

  • If you have a GitHub user associated with DoeS then set yourself as "Assignee".

  • when you return the item go back to the page and close the issue so we can keep track.

Have fun and let us know what you got up to!

If you have any questions ask Alex Lennon or email

What's currently in the Lending Library?

Items on long term loan from Dynamic Devices Ltd


  • DD-001 Apachie 3D Virtual Reality Headset

Lots of fun with YouTube 360 degree videos on your mobile phone.

Development Boards

  • PG-001 Arduino Uno R3

  • JP-001 MagPi DIY AI Kit

  • DD-002 PICO-IMX6UL Wandboard

NXP i.MX6 UltraLite based. Runs Android things, embedded Linux

  • DD-003 NXP FRDM-KW41Z

NXP Bluetooth BLE development board

  • DD-004 CHiP Linux board

The $9 Linux computer -

  • DD-005 Boundary Devices Nitrogen6 Lite

NXP i.MX6 Linux capable board -

  • DD-006 SI Blue Gecko BLE Starter Kit

Bluetooth BLE Development

  • DD-007 Intel Galileo

Supports Linux and Arduino emulation -

  • DD-008 NXP FRDM-KW40Z Bluetooth DK

Single chip bluetooth DK -

  • DD-009 NXP USB-KW40Z BLE Wireless sniffer

Used with DD-008

  • DD-010 NXP FRDM-KL26Z KL26Z DK

Low power basic ARM board -

  • DD-011 Adafruit Bluefruit LE friend

USB nRF51822 BLE Sniffer -

  • DD-012 Arduino Mega

  • DD-013 Arduino Mega 2560

  • DD-014 Nordic nRF52 BLE DK


NXP Linux/Android Capable Quad Core reference platform

  • DD-016 NXP i.MX6 SoloLite DK

  • DD-017 BBC Microbit Go Development Kit
  • DD-018 BBC Microbit Go Development Kit
  • DD-019 BBC Microbit Go Development Kit
  • DD-020 BBC Microbit Go Development Kit

  • DD-0021 Pocket CHiP

Linux CHiP computer, keyboard and display for you to program!

Pocket CHiP

  • DO-001 Estimote Beacons Development Kit

Sensors / IO

  • DD-101 Neopixel RGB LEDs

  • DD-102 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

  • JG-001 Misc small sensors and microcontrollers in a plastic box

How to add your own items to the Lending Library

  • Device on a two character prefix for your contributed items (e.g. DD or JP)
  • Determine a code for your item based on this. (e.g. XX-001)
  • Add this to the appropriate section of this wiki page above with some descriptive text and links.
  • Run the QR Codifier application on the DoES Sophia PC in the workshop.
  • Fill in the text fields with the IOTLL title, your item description, and a link of the format given, where XX-001 is replaced with your item code


DoES Liverpool Lending Library

[Your item description]

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