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We have managed to link the XBOX 360 Kinect Sensor with Windows operating systems and Linux


  • First decide which operating system Windows or Linux
  • Download appropriate devices as per linked instructions below to enable the your computer to capture and view the image(s)
  • Download an image editing software and 3d image viewer so that necessary adjustments can be made
  • Alternatively if you do not want to use the Kinect Sensor consider using other image capturing devices and programmes which are available

For Image Editing

####Free Image Editing Software

For image configuration and adjusting: - beware steep learning curve

####For viewing 3d files and changing file format: - this is great for viewing 3d image and converting into appropriate files

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For Installing on Computer

####Instructions for installing XBOX 360 Kinect Sensor for Window users

There are several helpful tips all ready published on the web:

with these instructions it is important to download for Windows 32 bit even if you are operating on a 64 bit

Kinect 3d Viewer

Once the correct devices have been installed a Middleware software is required to view the scene

There are several software packages out there all with different levels of utility and can be free / trial / or pay for

Examples below:

Linux Instructions

By downloading and operating Processing it is possible to operate the Kinect within a Linux system

instructions are filed here:!topic/makerbot/8B8M3ZCyieY

Alternative 3d image capturing methods

There are several free - trial and pay for services available which can be used with just a camera these include:

###Setting up 3d scanned scene / image for 3d Printer Instructions to follow

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