Kitchen supplies

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As with an communal flat, there are unsolved issues of who owns what, and who has forgotten anyone owns that.

Aside from the free coffee and tea (with milk), there is a price list on the fridge for other substances, such as soda and crisps.

You can put whatever you want in the fridge and if you want other people to take it put an "Eat me" sticker on the package. Otherwise use the Sticky Label printer to make sure people know it's yours when you forget about it or it's liable to be thrown away (

There's a Sign on the door of the fridge listing the prices of the commodities.


Purchasing consumables are mostly managed by @johnmckerrell visiting CostCo or @DoESSean visiting Home Bargains or Lidl. Also our friendly community frequently buys more supplies as required.

There's also an experiment to make available a more healthy meal replacement option of Huel (

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