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This page is for the largest laser cutter which incurs a £2 surcharge. You should only use it when your project needs the greater size and power.

Nickname Make Model Where Manual Issue Tracker Status
"Monty (Burns)" CadCamTechnology FB1800 Workshop TBC Tool: Laser Cutter - Monster (Monty Burns) TBC

Class Red Equipment Do not leave unattended

See full safety information below

Not yet up and running. This page needs to be filled out once it's finished (see issue #955)

Safety precautions

The laser cutter, if not used and monitored properly, carries a continuous risk of igniting the work piece being cut.

Class Red Equipment

Hazard Who might be harmed an how? What is already being done?
Fire Laser cutter user, other people in the workshop Must be attended while in use. Users trained before use, or only under direct supervision of another trained user.
Burn, skin or eye damage Laser cutter user, other people in the workshop Only to be used after induction. Operated in a reflection enclosed box. Safety interlock on the main door (laser will not fire unless the door is closed).
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