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Risk of Fire in use

The fire risk is small in normal use, as:

  • the cutter must to be supervised at all times it is run (even jobs that have been fine can have an error the next time!),
  • any combustion start small (the cut size is nominally 0.2mm in diameter),
  • most fires in normal use go out if the laser is stopped (they are too small to self propogate),
  • any fire that can continue after the laser is shut off can normally be blown out,
  • we do have fire extinguishers with the cutters in the event of a large fire,
  • the whole apparatus is inside an enclosed metal box, supported off the floor, so the fire would take some time to get to a size where it would it could spread to items around it,
  • we have a fire alarm in the workshop to alert anyone there in the very unlikely event of an out of control fire.

In Case of Fire

During monitored use fire should not be an issue with the laser cutter. The most likely occurrence is when cutting large amounts of detail in a small area, cardboard or ply may smoulder and catch light. In case of a small flame follow these instructions:

  1. press pause or stop to stop the laser from firing and continuing the fire. If the cutting head is above the fire, and it is possible and safe to do so, move the laser cutting head out of the way of the fire by pressing the cursor buttons.
  2. if flame continues, open the lid and blow on it (the laser will not fire when the top lid is open),
  3. check for flame, if still apparent, blow again.
  4. in case of a larger fire, extinguishers are located next to the cutters (instructions for use are on the side).
  5. if fire cannot be extinguished raise fire alarm by hitting the red fire alarm button on the right hand inside of the main entrance doorway.
  6. exit through fire doors which are either the main entrance or an alternate exit to an external metal staircase by the toilets opposite to the main entrance. [TBD: Picture or layout diagram here]

Use of Laser Cutter

Follow the checklist on the Laser Cutter page.

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