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Maker Night Online 20200319

Seán Gleeson edited this page Mar 19, 2020 · 2 revisions

Maker Night Online 2020-03-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic we've cancelled all in-person meet-ups but we don't want people to get lonely or bored so we're going to try to do some virtual stuff.

For Maker Night this week we want to try a videoconference show and tell session. If you have something you'd like to show, create a time slot below and give a brief description of what you'll be talking about. We'll meet up on Jitsi:

  • 18.30 Maker Night starts! Join the conference and see who's there, chat about whatever you're up to and wait for the talks to start.

  • 20:00 John McKerrell - Using the MING stack around the house, tracking my solar generation and electricity use using a Pi, with a special mention of the IoT toilet/electronic ballcock.

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