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People you are likely to meet at Maker-nights at DoES.

Name Twitter/Instagram etc. code-repos interests
Adrian McEwen
Jackie Pease @jackie_pease / @jackiesees  Laser cutting, 3DP, wearables
Chris Huffee @huffeec / @huffee @huffeec Laser cut wood
Ross @cheapjack @cheapjack laser cut things/iot text adventures/knowledge sharing art vibes/supply chains
Paul Geering @paulgeering (μ)Electronics, Retro-tech
Laura Pullig @laura_pullig E-textiles, laser cutting, electronics, artist
Chris Thompson @HelicalBytes Electronics, microcontrollers, polargraphs
Sean Jarman Nah ! My what? Alchemy, electronic bodgery and the CNC milling machine
your name your social media your repo what you make/interested in

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