Materials: 3D Printer Filament

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Filament Guides

Note: A summary of our 3D printers and what filaments they use is at the bottom of this page.

Articles explaining different filament types:

DoES Filament Stock

  • We have spools of several common types of filament in the workshop:
    • We charge based on the length and type of filament used
    • If you've used up a reel of filament, or want more colours, create an issue to let us know so we can order some


Check that the printer is able to use the filament before buying - specifically: filament width, nozzle temperature and bed temperature.

  • Faberdashery - UK - huge range of PLA colours in 1.75mm and 3mm
  • iMakr - UK
  • 3dfilaprint - UK
  • - UK
  • MatterHackers - USA - huge selection, and some very unique speciality filaments
  • Dream3D - UK
  • Deamon3Dprint - UK - fairly small selection
  • MakerGeeks - USA - they care about environment and have some unique filaments
  • Pongo - UK - small selection of mostly bright neon colours
  • Create3D - UK
  • ToyBuilder Labs - USA - some of the best prices on speciality filaments (although postage would probably eradicate any savings)
  • Global FSD - UK - sells small quantities of lots of filaments, also worst website ever
  • Unicofil - Rainbow coloured filament!!
  • 3DPrima - SE
  • Algix3D - USA - Algae-based filament!
  • 3DXTECH - USA - lots of speciality filament
  • 3d4makers - USA - PEEK, Hemp and some other interesting filaments
  • 3DFuel - USA, IE - potato starch, coffee, beer and other interesting filaments
  • Plastic2Print - NL - custom PLA colours and some advanced materials including PEEK, FPE, FEP
  • ApiumTec - some advanced materials such as PEEK, PEI, PVDF, POM-C ESD
  • igus - UK - small range of industrial filaments, eg. water resistant, or huge operational temperature range
  • MakerShop3D - France - huge range of filaments, including lots of speciality/advanced filaments, with very good search filters
  • Forefront - UK - Watertight filaments
  • Filamentive - UK - Recycled filaments (and 20% discount if you return empty spools)
  • ProtoParadigm - USA - Some interesting PLA materials (watertight, dishwasher-safe) and colours

Printer Summary

The type of filament you can use depends on the printer, here's a summary:

Nickname Printer Filament Diameter Supported Filaments Print Technology
? [[Ultimaker 2 Ultimaker]] 2.85 mm ?
? [[Ultimaker 2 Extended Ultimaker]] 2.85 mm ?
"Rose" [[Up3D Up 2 Up3dPrinter]] 1.75 mm ABS, ABS+, PLA
"Violet" [[Up3D Up 2 Up3dPrinter]] 1.75 mm ABS, ABS+, PLA
? RepRap ? ? ?
? Makerbot Cupcake 3mm ABS, PLA Fused Filament Fabrication

Note: The RepRap and Makerbot are old printers and don't get used much any more.

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