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DoESLiverpool is a self-funded independent hack-space incorporated as a community interest company that raises money from membership rates to pay for room rent, machines, materials, cleaning, a part-time administrator and "free" coffee.

For an idea of who we are and how this place is run, please consult the partial list of members and the digital infrastructure pages respectively.

You are welcome to come for free during any Maker night (Thursday nights) or Maker Day (Saturdays once a month, see calendar for details).

We also host a Jelly event on one Thursday a month giving free access to hot desk usage. (See calendar for details.)

Please drop by any time for a look around if you can't make it on Maker night.

For details on how to find us, see the location page on the website, and for membership and prices see the services page on the website

Keep up to date by joining the Email list.

Who is in charge?

The simple answer is "everyone!" In practice there are Organisers Meetings with minutes and agendas, which you can go to if you like (or email them at ).

For the most part we are a Do-ocracy. So we "Do" stuff rather than talk about it (this applies to the washing up).

Our main organising hub is the somebody-should list, where we have used a computer software bug-tracking system to keep track of all the stuff that is/isn't/should be going on. Please post up issues there as you encounter them -- or browse it for ideas for what you could do to make things better.

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