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The purchase was made under Issue#230 of two printers which are in the main room and on the network.

White A4 B/W double-sided Laser Printer

Shows up as NPICC4D02, or as HP-Laserjet-M604-M605-M606 when I try to print from Linux.

The specifications are at: HP LaserJet Pro M402dn Printer

Black A3 Colour Inkjet printer with built in scanner

This makes noises when you turn it on.

The specifications are at: HP Officejet 7510 A3 All-in-One Printer

Spare cartridges are kept in the stationery cupboard (in the Fridge meeting room). Raise an issue if you take the last of any of them so we can reorder more (and for extra points, find where we last ordered from in the closed issues for this printer and order more - we'll reimburse the expense)

White A4 Colour double-sided Laser Printer, with in-built Scanner/Copier

Shows up as Oki ES5462.

Working drivers (including network installation) can be found here

Currently (13/10/18) this shows up on IP address Installer requires this to be provided as network scan did not work for me (AJL)

Toner Pic

Toner cartridge codes

Colour Code
Y 44973509
M 44973510
C 44973511
B 44973512

Manual is here

Dye Sublimation Printer - Bella

This is used primarily for printing on fabrics and some hard materials using special paper and Dye Sublimation inks, along with the heat presses.

This printer is not to be used for normal printing duties, as the ink and paper are expensive.


Paper is in the stationery cupboard in the new Room 29 (the co-working office with the entrance between the two toilets).

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