Old DoES Gostins Buildings Rooms

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This is a backup page of the old Gostins Buildings room layout that served us until 2018 for reference

Gostins Building

There are three rooms with key fob access to members: Main, Workshop, and Dinky. Workshop members can get access to Workshop and Dinky, but not the Main. Please help with any waste, recycling and cleaning up.

Floor plan For list of machines numbered on diagram, see Equipment

Main co-working room

It's the big one you see in the corner of the two hallways. Workshop members do not have access to this room with their RFID fobs. This room is used for desk usage both by daily hot desk users and monthly "permanent" desk users. This room should remain locked outside office hours unless you are willing to take responsibility for security of the desks and property within.

"Fridge" room

Through the door behind Adrian's desk by the window. Good for corporate meetings visitors for a bit of privacy or noisy conference calls. There's a big TV screen on the wall you can use for such thing. This room has the highest window-to-radiator ratio, so it can be cold -- which is a good thing to keep your meetings short.

Room 29 - Lockable office

Behind the other door in the main room is an office for permanent desks in an area that can be locked by those who have such desks and don't want their things disturbed. You can see into it from the Fridge room.

Workshop area

The laser cutters and most of the Equipment are in this place. Big workbench in the middle of room and surfaces along all sides, so it can get a bit crowded.


This room has two real fridges, two dodgy sinks, a kettle, a micrwave oven, a Toaster and Egg steamer, and the free filter Coffee, tea and squash.

See Kitchen supplies for more details about the conditions and what is in the fridge.


This very attractive meeting room is diagonally opposite from the main hotdesking room, and is sometimes used as a breakout for hot-deskers when there are no events or meetings happening.

See DoEScalendar for information and use the Dinky Room booking system if you want to book the room.

Open events are generally free to book, but if you have a private event (eg a company away day or private seminar) contact the administrator for rates.

Capacity is about 50 seated as an audience with enough chairs, or up to 20 if you spread out the tables to use as working desks.

There is a whiteboard and a flipchart.

There is a large flat screen TV at one end that can be used for conference calls or video.

There is a projector which can only take VGA although we do have a HDMI adapter

There is a large broom cupboard behind the door where the Arcitype milling machine lives.

Room Dimensions

  • Main co-working room - 8m x 7m
  • Room 29 - 6m x 3.5m
  • Fridge - 3.6m x 3.8m
  • Workshop - 8.5m x 5.5m
  • Kitchen - 2.3m x 3.7m
  • Dinky - 5m x 8m
  • Off-Dinky Storage - 3.6m x 3m

Ceiling height is 3.1m (taken using a laser distance finder).

Room dimensions were taken by John McKerrell using RoomScan Pro iPhone app.


The toilets are located on the 3rd floor in the direction of the arrow on the map above. There are additional toilets on the 1st floor on the left as you walk from the lift area.

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