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OpenBalena Deployment Server

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OpenBalena Server Device

I've been working on a mechanism to deploy images to devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi) using OpenBalena.

Details on OpenBalena can be found here. I followed a version of the setup instructions here.

I wasn't able to get this up and running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, possibly because there is only 1GB RAM on this board which may not be enough. Instead I used an installation of Armbian on the OrangePi Plus2E which has 2GB RAM and seems to run up OK.

I created the instance using the command

cd ~/open-balena
./scripts/quickstart -U -P bubbl1n0 -d

i.e. the above gives the login and password credentials needed to connect to the OpenBalena server from balena-cli (see below).

There is an issue running OpenBalena on local networks (as at DoES) which is that it requires a number of DNS CNAME values to be set to map to the IP address of the device running OpenBalena.

I haven't found a great solution to this but for now am using an Internet DDNS service called

I have set up subdomains on to the current local IP address of the board which is currently as of 15/04/19. (You should be able to check this on a local network segment with ping balenapi)

Login is, password is Bubbl1n0

The OrangePi has login balena and password bubbl1n0

TBD: I need to add a script to the OrangePi boot sequence to update the IP address in case it changes...

On boot OpenBalena needs to be started with

cd ~/open-balena
./scripts/compose up -d

TBD: I need to automate this

OpenBalena Client

As in the Getting Started guide above an OpenBalena client needs to be installed on a client PC.

Then set ~/.resin.yml to point to the OpenBalena server

resinUrl: ""

Then copy the ca.crt file from the OpenBalena board '/open-balena/config/certs/root/ca.crt' to your local PC and add the following to `/.bashrc' (you'll need to login to the shell again to pick this up)

export NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS=~/open-balena/config/certs/root/ca.crt

At this point you should be able to log into the OpenBalena server with

balena login

Use the 'credentials' and enter with password bubbl1n0

Then e.g. show available apps with

balena apps
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