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See People page

The organisers team is a selection of people who have volunteered to keep DoES Liverpool running smoothly. More general information is available on the People page, this page lists some of the things these people are expected to do:

  • Participate in a private email group, mostly used for things like "Is anyone available to open up tomorrow?"
  • Contribute with opening up, DoES Liverpool promises to be open 9:30m - 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. We also run some evening events which need to be supervised.
  • Respond to emails to - all sorts of general enquiries come into this address. We have a CRM system in place to help us manage them
  • Answering the telephone
  • ... more to come

While we don't expect that everyone within this group must do everything on the list, we do depend on people doing the things that they've volunteered for. Also just because something is on this list it doesn't mean you have to be an organiser to do them. Obviously some tasks require access to certain resources, but anyone is welcome to answer the phone!

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