Organisers meeting 20170720

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No agenda was created before the meeting, and so Sean chaired to a co-created agenda. These notes reflect that.

Attendance: Sean, Steve, Patrick, Zarino, Alex

  1. Manchester Makefest. Update on this. Jackie leading this, and Patrick handing over some aspect as he is away. Insurance needs orgainsing.

  2. Move Update from Steve, and conversation about contingencies. Discussion about the 'Head of terms'. Some discussion about a one of development grant. This was then followed-up on github.#

  3. Promotion We discussed the website - Will is working on a re-structure to tidy up.

  4. Storage We discussed storage and a process for identifying who is paying for storage, and who is storing stuff which we need to nicely ask to be removed. There will also be a conversation about stored projects.

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