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Agenda notes pulled from AM's email

  • Actions from last meeting (/email thread about actions) [I've removed the ones I know have been completed, these are the ones I can't quite remember about]

  • PF Sorting out workshop storage - lockable, stackable crates

  • "Lockable" means lid which clicks on. Easy solution to drill holes and fit our own locks. Have options, all agree to wait until we really need them.

  • Racking should be arranged before too long

  • RJ - Contracts for full-time desk, workshop

  • Full time desk contracts not done yet, workshop should be covered by changing in wording and treating as "membership". Progress made, more to be done.

  • RJ to create wiki page, others to join in

  • HC brought up that Andy Hough didn't know where kitchen is, need to make sure we do the induction checklist in future.

  • PF to promote hot-desking on co-working websites

  • PF has done

  • HC to chase up insurance

  • HC needs questions answering, Monday 2pm meeting to discuss

  • JMc to get keys for desks (I know John has got some keys sorted, but wasn't sure if it was finished or not)

  • JM reports task done, may need to get more desks in the future

  • General update (proposed by JM)

  • New permanent members Andy & Andy

  • Sewing club first meeting went well

  • AI class now meeting

  • OpenLabs breakfasts on 26th September & 7th October

  • Should try to book room for full day for as little as possible, e.g. £25 to set precedent for BarCamp

  • BarCamp 18th & 19th November

  • Probably put hot deskers in Office

  • Dead Drop Day on 17th September

  • ACTION - Need to do a DoES Liverpool press release for BarCamp - PF to start

  • ACTION - All need to try Flow as we have 15 days left

  • AG to sort meeting with Lol to discuss promoting Maker Night

  • Review of finances (proposed by JM)

  • Generally good.

  • Bookshelves (proposed by HC)

  • Fiction treated as a swap shelf, non-fiction treated as "DoES owned" so please return.

  • HC to write wiki page confirming

  • Google events (update on things from AG)

  • Covered in general update

  • Saturday "Maker Days" once a month (proposed by AM)

  • AM to work out a day to hold

  • PF to set up eventbrite for following up

  • Need to investigate how to get more workshop people in - meeting to be arranged

  • AM talked to Uniform about logo, no go, need to chat to Pod

  • Procedure to repay Director's Loan (proposed by JM)

  • General agreement has been made, AM to pay first payment of half loan amount

  • Open Labs/Paul Kinlan dev breakfasts (proposed by JM)

  • Covered in general update

  • What "tasks" are emerging, whose responsibility are they? (proposed by JM)

  • Calendar to be location for hot desk booking/availability, all to respond to tweets more.

  • Press

  • Alistair visited, wants good pictures

  • AOB?

  • RJ to arrange meeting to discuss future plans and business plan

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