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  • review of the year
  • Financials - around £2000, 9 permies, hot deskers variable
  • Events - went well, successful, should do more
  • swooning over laser cutter
  • Coming in the next week, training in January.
  • Need to arrange a computer
  • Laser cutter in static galleries should be available for some use soon too
  • Where is laser cutter going? We'll work out when we get it.
  • artist in residence project
  • HakimCassimally looking to do a project that will require a photographer. Recommending an artist's residency, gives use of DoES with provisos that they would collaborate with one of our own project. Questions about what an artist would expect and what it would entail, should talk to some artists about what they would expect.
  • Membership
  • Monthly communication/newsletter
  • Promote mailing list discussions on the newsletter
  • Start monthly residents meetings
  • Pledge drives? (for microwave, dust extraction...?) [Added by AdrianMcEwen]
  • Yes!
  • Creative Croxteth thing
  • HakimCassimally will post to mailing list
  • GEC 2012, 9-16th March, ~5000 people
  • Potential to apply for money to run an event
  • Run a Maker Day, possibly get Lean Liverpool involved
  • Aim to get Liverpool recognised in leading co-working, new ways of working, etc.
  • Also simply offer hot desks to delegates, free, half price (full price?)
  • AndyGoodwin to own this
  • Photocopier
  • HakimCassimally to own, try the existing scanner and see about getting it photocopying before looking at next steps
  • Special offers/promotion in the new year?
  • To discuss - JohnMcKerrell to own
  • Survey
  • Yes, do before the residents meeting, JohnMcKerrell and HakimCassimally to own
  • plans for next year
  • all of the above
  • PaulFreeman running computer recycling day
  • "Jelly for studying" - HakimCassimally and Alex Nolan to own
  • Maker Days to start
  • Discuss Maker Night with Lol
  • Liverpool Werewolves
  • Router
  • AdrianMcEwen to try suggestions from Draytek
  • Confirm actions
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