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  • Discuss monthly residents meetings

  • Monthly?

  • Alternate lunchtimes & evenings?

  • Other/supplementary options - IRC, Skype Monthly seems best, and alternating. Skype is an option. 4th Thursday of month. Feb will be evening.

  • review of the last 6 months

  • Financials

  • Events Been around for 6 months! Yay! Events happening at least each week. 7 permanent deskers, hot desking ebbing and flowing. £2500 in bank, ~£1k owed but rent due soon. Outgoings 850 rent, 100 Internet, 100 electricity, coffee, sundries... Aiming for 3 month buffer, and then looking to build up for expansion.

  • Updates on actions from last month:

  • PaulFreeman - computer recycling day carried over to next month. Aim to set a date before next one. Guy on Freecycle who might be someone to involve

  • "Jelly for studying" - update from HakimCassimally carried over to next month. Stanford courses have delayed a little, so gives a bit more time.

  • Maker Days to start - update from AdrianMcEwen 1st Saturdays in month. 1st on in March.

  • Liverpool Werewolves - update from PaulFreeman Still ongoing but not worth tracking in minutes.

  • Introduce the wiki Feel free to get involved. => John to email DoES google group about the wiki

  • Swooning over laser cutter We've got a laser cutter. No charge for time on it, but you need to have access to the space - so permanent desk, workshop, or hot desk access, or come along to Maker Night. You will need some training before you can use it, we're still sorting out details of that.

  • artist in residence project - update from HakimCassimally No update, but quick overview. Idea in general. Probably perks in general, but not . JohnMcKerrell to look into intern - look at applying for Google Summer of Code.

  • Pledge drives? (for microwave, dust extraction...?) [Added by AdrianMcEwen]

  • Yes!

  • GEC 2012, 9-16th March, ~5000 people

  • AndyGoodwin to update us on progress and get any last suggestions Global Entrepreneurship Congress - 1st in UK (maybe 1st in Europe), Interesting DoES open day? Free hotdesking day? Ian said - Knowledge Cafe looking to do a fringe event - (Knowledge Cafe being a AndyGoodwin to follow up on Knowledge Cafe collaboration

  • Survey - results! 26 responses. Good mix of people responding. Seem to be hitting right sort of area for pricing permanent desks Interesting that hot desking seems a bit cheap, but Mixed on workshop pricing

Survey probably not clear enough in its arrangement for the good/bad/important/unimportant

City centre good Parking not a huge issue Kitchen facilities are something we should be looking to improve - John to raise with building management Toilet facilities aren't wonderful, not sure how much we can do to improve. Heating of that end of the floor could be one issue. John to look into whether there's a heater in the ladies Internet not ideal - is much better than it was, and wired works fine. Ongoing discussion with Draytek to try to improve further but not making particularly fast progress Event space is important, but people are happy with current provision

Should've asked about the website in the survey

HakimCassimally to write a summary of comments, etc. from survey and publish on the wiki

Sarah asked about breakout spaces - tricky because of space issues, but a more informal area would be good.
Hakim mentioned could meeting room double up as breakout room? Which would people prefer? AndyPowell to bounce round some ideas for breakout area or workshop area - develop proposal for next meeting

  • AOB If you want to run an event, we have got a bit more space. Ian asked how he could introduce people

Membership scheme for anyone else - Ian interested in paying, Francis had also mentioned it. "Friends of DoES". Hakim to set up page on wiki and encourage people to contribute.

PaulFreeman sending out newsletter in Feb.

Should get better at promotion.

PaulFreeman to review what's on the website?

Max to contact Social Enterprises NW to tell us what

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