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  • Review of the last month
  • Financials
  • About average, could be better, could be worse. Owed a fair bit but expecting to get it.
  • [;ctz=Europe/London Events]
  • Open Day - reasonable, not many new people but showed regulars what a busy day would be like.
  • PyPool - will move if friends of the earth want.
  • Computer recycling day - PaulFreeman
  • PaulFreeman will visit LUG, aim to get Linux on systems
  • "Jelly for studying" - update from HakimCassimally
  • Has been announced and will go ahead, 6th March
  • Pledge drives? Any updates?
  • Two pledges for microwave, still may get one from AlexNolan
  • Oscilloscope pledge being considered
  • HakimCassimally will add "intern" as pledge
  • MartinPrice to contact Fran in Birkenhead to find out about her intern.
  • Maker Days to start - update from AdrianMcEwen
  • 10th March - aim for second Saturday
  • Update on GSOC - JohnMcKerrell
  • JohnMcKerrell to look into ASAP
  • Update on "AndyPowell to bounce round some ideas for breakout area or workshop area - develop proposal for next meeting"
  • No update
  • Update on newsletter? (Give idea of take up, reminder about submissions) PaulFreeman
  • Went out, nobody complained. 18 sent out, 10 more read. No-one is opting out.
  • Update on membership scheme/general donations - HakimCasimmally
  • No update
  • Discuss RFID & PAYG - JohnMcKerrell
  • RFID - build an RFID system that logs when you arrive and leave, ideally will control the door too
  • A very basic system has been set up that will currently log people's visits only
  • PAYG - use said RFID system to allow people to pay for the time that they're in the space on a more fine-grained basis than the current £8/day, e.g. pay by the hour
  • Potentially should charge more for first hour, or perhaps charge for 2 hours straight away, or first hour free.
  • Potentially monthly charge for joining the scheme (acts as a minimum and helps to cover the free hour)
  • Daily/weekly email about activity
  • Have requested quote on an electrical door lock system
  • Agreed that we will require people to tap into the existing basic system to gather some information on habits
  • Update on review of what's on the website - PaulFreeman
  • There's stuff on the website and the theme is very complicated.
  • JohnMcKerrell - have improved our listing on
  • MartinPrice - suggested we advertise in colleges
  • Update on GEC 2012
  • Discuss Merseyside Innovation Awards - JohnMcKerrell
  • Delayed
  • Vote on Maker Night logo - AdrianMcEwen
  • Not really enough votes, maybe look at polling wider community?
  • Confirm time and date of next meeting
  • Should be 22nd March lunchtime
  • AOB
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