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  • Review of/actions from the last month
  • Financials
  • As usual owed some, expecting to get them paid.
  • Hot Deskers bit lower than usual.
  • Maker Days
  • Went quite well
  • No mini-makers, School in Kirkby maybe helping out. Next one April 14th
  • GEC 2012
  • Quiet on the Monday during the day - not sure if marketing problem or not enough people around
  • Lean was busy. Quite a few new faces.
  • OSE was good. AdrianMcEwen to circulate the video
  • All week, some new people.
  • Ignite went well.
  • Volunteers for blog post needed - JohnMcKerrell to own finding someone
  • Pledge drives
  • action: HakimCassimally will add "intern" as pledge
  • not done yet
  • action: MartinPrice to contact Fran in Birkenhead to find out about her intern.
  • not sure what's happening with that, we'll drop it off the actions list and if the info comes back then we can run with that.
  • JohnMcKerrell to follow up on bike pump pledge with an email saying almost there (DoES possibly cover remainder?)
  • AlexNolan tweeted that he's not going to make it along, but that microwave arrival is imminent
  • Update on GSOC - JohnMcKerrell
  • We're not eligible as we'd need an open source project to submit
  • PaulKinlan suggested Google might offer local GSOC trainees his desk to use. Nothing for DoES to do, he's chasing that. Would be nice to get
  • Update on membership scheme/general donations - HakimCasimmally
  • No update
  • Chase FrancisIrving/DavidJones to see if they're prepared to just start with a Standing Order
  • Jelly April? OpenLabs Jelly not on, do we step in?
  • Not sure it's worth us doing, given last time not being a huge turnout.
  • Just do some advertising around the time to let people know we're available as an alternative
  • Expanding? See ExpandIntoDinky
  • Update on "AndyPowell to bounce round some ideas for breakout area or workshop area - develop proposal for next meeting"
  • Not known of update
  • General checking things with Gostins - deal should be available to us, putting a kitchen in should be okay.
  • Probably can't quite afford it straight off - costs for existing space about £150 below our monthly income, and dinky would cost £300ish (plus elec)
  • What do we gain? Should we move the smaller stuff into the meeting room
  • Talk to potential workshop members to see who would be more likely to take workshop access if in a dedicated space
  • Use it as a marketing campaign to drum up more users and get people like Francis and David to start regular "just helping out" contributions
  • Work out costs
  • Then work out a way to make it happen
  • Confirm time and date of next meeting
  • 26th April, evening for next one.
  • AOB
  • Liverpool DoES Startups
  • FrancisFish to work out costings,
  • FrancisFish to start running at it.
  • FrancisFish to talk to the Barcamp organising committee initially and to then find the rest of the organising team.
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