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Agenda can be found at ["DoESMeetingAgenda20130301"]

  • Review of/actions from the last meeting
    • Paperwork - JM - to circulate Cambridge Makespace's paperwork for comment at this meeting
      • Interesting, seems much stricter than we would want, also seems to be a lot of it.
      • ACTION - AM to circulate Nottinghack's paperwork for comment in next meeting.
    • RJ (ideally) to contact our friendly lawyer to see what would be best for a contract to arrange for permanent deskers
      • ACTION - Carry over to next meeting
    • Paperwork for registered office postage TOS
      • RESOLVED - Will arrange paperwork when it's needed, JIT Paperwork
    • AM to arrange meeting with Colin Dyas
      • RESOLVED - AM has met Colin, has considered options which will be discussed later.
  • Financials
  • Financials good, we have enough money in the bank, making enough "profit" each money to afford a new room.
  • Expanding
  • Moving out of Gostins seems too long term, there's no compelling reason to do so right now.
  • We'll take room 14, talk to Gostins about fixing window, put off doing electronic doors for first few months. Use space as new ad-hoc space for overflow/quiet room. Use for events too if we can arrange desk and tables ok.
  • ACTION - JM to talk to Janette
  • Access. Review of electronic access
  • doorbell, remote opening
  • NOOP - No further actions.
  • Hackday
  • Yes!
  • 18th May
  • Should be a regular feature, quarterly perhaps
  • ACTION - We should review workshop membership, find out how we could get people to come in more often. Offer a cheaper option for out of hours access so that more people come in evenings and weekends.
  • Technician-in-Residence. Review
  • Going well.
  • Should consider a travel allowance for future TiRs.
  • Next TiR should start 7th May, first agreed as 4 months.
  • ACTION - Still need to announce!
  • Funding updates
  • None
  • Potential Future Events
  • PF - Website Hack Day
  • ACTION - PF to arrange
  • PF - Unconference (April/May?)
  • ACTION - PF to arrange, not much progress yet.
  • JM "Girl Geeks BarCamp"?
  • JM has made no progress, putting it on the back burner for now.
  • Would certainly be good to have more Women in Tech events.
  • AM has suggested to Cathy Skelly that ACME should run an event
  • ACTION - AM to fill link in to the event
  • Internet World 2013 update
  • Problems getting wired internet access. Agree that it's worth going if we don't get it, we'll just cope somehow.
  • PF MakerFaire 2013
  • ACTION - PF to select images and text for the poster.
  • ACTION - PF to email list to remind people to get involved.
  • Cleaner
  • ACTION - JM to discuss with Sue in Gostins, aim for 2 hours/fortnight. Morning would be best.
  • Confirm time and date of next meeting
  • Monday April 29th 4-6pm, ["DoESMeetingAgenda20130429"]
  • AOB
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