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Tuesday 4th June - 4:30 - 5:30pm*

Agenda: ["DoESMeetingAgenda20130604"]

  • Apologies - PaulFreeman, NeilMorrin, RossJones, SteveSparrow running late
  • JohnMcKerrell might not be opening up early from November.
  • Review of/actions from the last meeting
    • Paperwork - AM to circulate Nottinghack's paperwork for comment in next meeting. Done.
    • new action: AndyGoodwin is writing the DoES guidebook
    • RJ (ideally) to contact our friendly lawyer to see what would be best for a contract to arrange for permanent deskers
    • Membership - We should review workshop membership, find out how we could get people to come in more often. Offer a cheaper option for out of hours access so that more people come in evenings and weekends. - Much discussion, no clear options. JR main person who's expressed an interest. Maybe do 1/4d charge for evening access. Mention it to JR, and get him to email us when he uses it.
    • Technician-in-Residence - Still need to announce!
    • As the technician role is fairly stable, and PatrickFenner is set to run interns, should the position be extended to finish at a later date, instead of announcing for another applicant?
    • Postpone until Jan 2014
    • HakimCassimally to take photos of PatrickFenner and arrange writing of blog post to introduce Patrick.
    • PaulFreeman to make sure CampFail link is in a calendar. Done. Is in the Liverpool Digital calendar
    • JM to pay corporation tax. Done. HakimCassimally asked "is it much interest [that we paid], out of interest?"
    • JM to buy doorbot equipment. Done. Need to buy another two Raspberry Pi, AdrianMcEwen to order two.
    • AM wants to work out how to use unit 14 better.
    • ALL test noise levels, investigate upstairs neighbours. Carried over. Noone upstairs at the moment, should still test noise levels
    • SteveSparrow to show more evidence of desire for messy space. SteveSparrow has sent some notes (in an email). All to read notes. HakimCassimally to pay attention when he re-reads them ;-)
    • AG to set up bigger picture conversation, in a drinking establishment. Carried over. To discuss how DoES is perceived externally, might also include discussion on some of the stuff in SteveSparrow's notes.
    • PF - Accelerate 2013
    • JM to work out what GeekUp would be about. Carried over.
    • PF to work out how to make Maker Night relevant. Carried over.
    • SteveSparrow to arrange first "lunch in the meeting room". Again was in Steve's notes. They've done two, but haven't advertised them as much as they'd like
  • Financials Generally good. Richard is now a permie-desker. We're in profit! Yay! £300/month in profit. £177/month of hot-deskers, but that'll drop as Richard has switched to permie-desk. Bank balance healthy. SteveSparrow has joined the meeting.
  • Company Return
  • JM - Due soon, any change to directorships?
  • JohnMcKerrell and AdrianMcEwen happy to remain directors. SteveSparrow would like to become a director. PatrickFenner is going to find out what being a director entails.
  • Expansion
  • Update on New Dinky.
    • JenFenner has updated the wiki with ideas. One feature wall, rest will be white - because nobody likes magnolia. Some test patches have been painted. Tables (tops plus legs) from Ikea ~£75/table. Looked at trestles, but that was ~£85/table and people can't sit at the end. Need to check with sewing club. 4 tables give you 10'x5'.
    • Chairs - found some chairs at £39, bit expensive but nice, matching, less office-y.
    • Soft seating - can save money by buying a second hand chesterfield or similar second hand.
    • Blinds - black-out blind preferred to allow presentations
    • Budget - ~£1000
    • JenFenner to continue working on a plan and list of items with the given budget.
  • Update on Messy Workshop
  • SteveSparrow has sent a report covering this.
  • ACTION - All to read report, discuss in pub.
  • We need to have more discussions about the future, which will be covered by AndyGoodwin's pub meeting.
  • Maker Day - DoES big cleanup?
  • JohnMcKerrell to mention on organisers email.
  • Confirm time and date of next meeting
  • In about a month, confirm on list.
  • AOB
  • None
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