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Friday 10th January - 5:30 - 6:30pm

Agenda: ["DoESMeetingAgenda20140110"]

  • Attendees: SteveSparrow, PaulFreeman, MarkReddbridge, JohnMcKerrell, JerethCormack, HakimCassimally, AdrianMcEwen. Via Google Hangout - PatrickFenner, AndyGoodwin

  • Review of/actions from last meeting

    • AndyGoodwin to share first draft of DoES guidebook. Carry over. Will share end of Jan.
    • Technician-in-Residence - Still need to announce! SteveSparrow to take action on it.
    • Renew TiR. Renewed for another 6 months.
    • Patrick to summarize his paid technician idea in an email to organisers.
    • HakimCassimally to take photos of PatrickFenner and arrange writing of blog post to introduce Patrick. Carried over.
    • PaulFreeman to set up ticketing system for emails. Done (actually PatrickFenner did it).
      • Some discussion about SupportBee and Asana
    • JohnMcKerrell to find a way to account (in the prediction spreadsheet) for renting out Dinky
      • He's added a tab to the spreadsheet
    • Steve to announce to announce to community about taking on an administrator about plans and needing two desks to cover the cost
      • Done, cover admin stuff in a moment.
    • JohnMcKerrell to talk to Neil about Jelly to find out more about whether it's ending or not
      • Done. Jelly is continuing so done.
  • Financials

    • Generally okay. 2 new residents. £425/month profit. £170/month avg hot-desk income
  • Administrator role

    • Steve gave basic overview for newcomers
    • Mark outlined details from document he shared earlier
    • Possibly his company providing stuff as outlined in the "service spec" section
    • Would then lead on to him being able to volunteer more time (as he'd be in the office more) towards marketing, booking out rent room, etc.
    • Brief interruption for laser-cutter support :-) Hakim ducked out to sort it, the John
    • Maybe Mark's offer would be a transitional point to an administrator.
    • PatrickFenner and SteveSparrow to review Mark's proposal.
    • Short meeting to decide 12:30pm 31st Jan about Mark and/or administrator
  • Radar and Events Groups

    • Steve gave general overview of radar and events group.
    • has helped on getting people along to events, has reduced some of the overhead.
    • Paul is using Startup Group as a testbed for documenting how other people should run events, and also looking to other organisers to discuss things
    • Events aren't going to be on a separate mailing list, will be on the main DoES mailing list until traffic gets too high
    • This is the last meeting of Organisation which includes stuff from the radar and events groups.
    • Need to work out (and ensure) communication between Radar Group and Organisers Group
    • AdrianMcEwen to ensure there's a Radar Group meeting before next Organisers meeting
  • Determine if the big laser requires a surcharge to use.

    • Suggestion that it's £2/day surcharge on using the Big Laser cutter
    • Even if it's a cake day
    • Marketing could be much better (as ever :-)
    • Debate as to whether you should be able to get laser-cutting for cake, but no clear consensus
  • PatrickFenner to suggest better signs, process, etc. to improve safety procedures in the workshop

  • Upcoming Big Events

    • Dart Flight School (22nd, 23rd Feb)
      • Paul wasn't expecting it to be big, but it's becoming quite a big event.
      • Bringing some people in from outside the usual crowd
      • Likely to use both Dinky and the workshop.
    • BarCamp Liverpool 2014 (tbc)
      • Later in the year. Too big to fit in DoES. Paul just giving us a headsup and looking for help
    • Open IoT Hackathon (tbc, probably March)
      • JD and AdrianMcEwen planning it, not much detail next.
    • PatrickFenner to apply for MakerFaireUK
  • Confirm time and date of next meeting

    • 11th April 2014, 5:30pm
  • AOB

  • JohnMcKerrell still enjoy^h on his paternity leave

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