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Tuesday 15th July - 12:00 - 1:00pm

Agenda: ["DoESMeetingAgenda20140715"]

  • Review of/actions from last meeting

    • SteveSparrow to announce Technician-in-Residence *Carried forward. SteveSparrow to also announce SeanGleeson
    • HakimCassimally to take photos of PatrickFenner and arrange writing of blog post to introduce Patrick. *Carried forward.
    • AdrianMcEwen to ensure there is a Radar Group meeting before next Organiser's meeting. *Meeting took place. SeanGleeson to arrange meeting before next organisers meeting
    • PatrickFenner to suggest better signs, process, etc. to improve safety procedures in the workshop. *New signage has been looked at, but not completed. Aim to complete by end of August.
    • PatrickFenner to apply for MakerFaireUK *Applied for and attended.
  • Financials JohnMcKerrell reported. Jereth is away for one month, and Frances away for two weeks, both removed from financial plan, leaving a loss of £600pcm. This is since a more thorough review of the finances. Sean to look into VAT registration and make proposals at next meeting.

  • Connected Digital Economy Catapult CDEC are looking to hold an event at DoES, which AdrianMcEwen is organising. The aim is around September/October, and is ongoing.

  • Membership Levels - what constitutes using DoES as a registered address? Registered address users have a box for mail. SteveSparrow proposed a Business Address service rather than a personal address service which would be time consuming and too expensive for users. Mailboxes would be a one-year sign-up period. Discussion around how the service would work alongside Friends of DoES membership, and it was decided that it would have to be set up as a separate entity for financial reporting purposes. PatrickFenner talked about including hotdesking within this package as an introductory feature. Discussion around whether Friends should have hotdesking available within their payment. SteveSparrow will put together an outline for the potential systems that the new scheme could use, and will present at the next meeting.

  • New Building Both the internet connection and the introduction of new workshop machinery might require a new space. AdrianMcEwen mentioned one at Water Street which Ross will visit. It was suggested to allow the community to have a say in any move.

  • Internet Connection Connection is poor - everyone is experiencing issues including slow connections and being kicked off the network. HakimCassimally will try circumventing the router to see if that has any effect.

  • Laser Booking System PatrickFenner wants to review some minor issues with the booking system, although overall it has been a success. PatrickFenner will create an induction calendar so that people can book themselves in for an induction, to be held at regular times.

  • Upcoming Big Events PatrickFenner is attending MakerFair in Manchester. There will be no presence in Halifax.

  • Confirm time and date of next meeting

  • AOB DoES Anniversary party to be held towards the end of August. SteveSparrow will send out a sign-up list for people to help with the organisation, and SeanGleeson will find out which dates are best for everyone. PatrickFenner is expecting to be away for the whole of September on paternity leave, and will be part-time after that. SeanGleeson had an idea to put lunch on every fortnight or month to try and encourage people to come through the doors. JohnMcKerrell raised concerns that it could turn into another Jelly style free-for-all, but it was decided to test run. SeanGleeson and SteveSparrow will decide on a format and organise.

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