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Thursday 28th August - 12:00 - 1:00pm

  • Review of/actions from last meeting

    • SteveSparrow to announce PatrickFenner and SeanGleeson
      • Done
    • HakimCassimally to take photos of PatrickFenner and arrange writing of blog post to introduce Patrick.
      • Done
    • SeanGleeson to ensure there is a Radar Group meeting before next Organiser's meeting.
      • Done
    • PatrickFenner to suggest better signs, process, etc. to improve safety procedures in the workshop by end of August
      • Carried forward
    • SeanGleeson to look into possibility of VAT registration
      • Review in a year, or when prices are raised
    • SteveSparrow to report on potential systems for new mailbox scheme
      • The system is now up and running, and the physical pigeon holes will be in place by the next meeting.
    • HakimCassimally to test methods of improving internet reception
      • Various things were tried, and we seem to now have a better reception. Final prognosis is that it seemed to be the router. JohnMcKerrell will get the ethernet working.
    • PatrickFenner to create induction calendar for laser
      • Carried forward
    • SeanGleeson and SteveSparrow to decide on format for DoES lunches and organise
      • Done
  • Financials

    • SeanGleeson spoke about the pros and cons of VAT registration. It was agreed that the benefits to DoES would be outweighted by the deficit to the users, and, for the time being, it was best to stay unregistered. However, there was an agreement to review this decision in a year, or when prices are raised, whichever is soonest.
    • JohnMcKerrell reported on the General Financials spreadsheet, and led a discussion regarding the current state of the finances.
    • SteveSparrow suggested that there should be a review of the finances in six to eight weeks, and, should there be no improvement, call a Director's Meeting to discuss options.
  • Issues from Radar Meeting

    • SteveSparrow quickly ran through minutes from the Radar Meeting, no issues were raised.
    • SteveSparrow took an action to look at ways to communicate better to people about DoES.
  • Issue tracking

    • AdrianMcEwen pointed out that no-one uses Asana, and suggested that DoES moves to Github. He has already created an account, and already has issues within the portal, some of which have already been solved. The idea is that it leaves a trail for anyone who comes along after to see how people have tried to fix problems in the past.
  • Upcoming Big Events

    • Our 3rd Anniversary party will be a 3.14 (Pi) party, held 19th September. SeanGleeson to begin organisation.
    • CDEC will be happening on October 3rd, AdrianMcEwen is taking the lead on organisation.
    • HakimCassimally also has a mysociety event running that week, which will probably take place the Wednesday and Thursday of the week, dependant on the change being accepted.
  • AOB

    • SteveSparrow is in discussion with the Green Party regarding them taking some space in DoES.
  • Confirm time and date of next meeting

    • SeanGleeson to set up a Doodle for the end of September/beginning of October.
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