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Thursday 2nd April - 12:00 - 13:00pm

Venue: Dinky, DoES Liverpool

Absences: SteveSparrow, HakimCassimally, PatrickFenner, PaulFreeman

  • Review of/actions from last meeting

    • SteveSparrow to look at ways to communicate better to people about DoES. Ongoing. Will need reassigning, as SteveSparrow is around less. RossDalziel to take forwards and migrate to Github where possible.
    • JohnMcKerrell to add task to Github to create (better) physical mailboxes. Done.
    • PatrickFenner to report on progress on both signage and safety aspects of the workshop at the next meeting. Carried Forward.
    • HakimCassimally will look into the different schemes for apprentices, and make a suggestion at the next meeting of which is the best. Carried Forward.
    • AdrianMcEwen to look into whether or not Github stats can be incorporated into the weeknotes Done.
    • AdrianMcEwen to organise an evening 'Get Involved with DoES' meeting Carried Forward.
    • PatrickFenner/AdrianMcEwen/JohnMcKerrell/SeanGleeson to arrange a wider somebody-should triage session Done. PatrickFenner now understands the triage process, and we now need to do the same for JohnMcKerrell.
    • SeanGleeson to prepare potential list of regulars for consideration of out-of-hours access for next meeting, and contact the people that have been decided on. Done. Move to agenda for next meeting.
    • PatrickFenner will write up a blurb for laser cutter pledge drive to push to the community and encourage them to donate. Carried Forward with High Importance. Everyone to badger PatrickFenner for this blurb.
    • PatrickFenner suggested that we let the community know that they can write things for the DoES site and encourage them to do so. Carried Forward.
    • AdrianMcEwen to follow up on marketing around the 3d printed prosthetic hand AdrianMcEwen is trying to reach out to people, and is slowly making progress. Ongoing.
  • SeanGleeson raised the idea of having regular evening meetings for the whole community where they can raise issues and vote on what happens within DoES, as a way of getting people more involved with DoES. SeanGleeson to push the idea out to the community and see whether or not people would be interested.

  • Financials inc. Rates Current financial situation is relatively healthy, with a slight profit each month. Rates situation is still ongoing. SeanGleeson to chase VOA again.

  • Running Maker Night more regularly Requested by the community. AdrianMcEwen raised the issue that this could cause fewer people to take workshop memberships. There was discussion around specialised Maker Nights, but this was rejected. It was decided that we should trial more regular Maker Nights. AdrianMcEwen will contact JackiePease to try and arrange.

  • Running more events for young people There is support for this, but it is dependant on finding someone who can run them. SeanGleeson will look into who might be interested in doing this, for example FACT and the Studio School. Beyond that, it is about finding individuals who would be able to do so.

  • Upcoming Big Events

    • Maker Faire in Newcastle 25-26 April - LJMU have a minibus and seven people, as well as 'some stuff', and we can fill any remaining space. PatrickFenner, AdrianMcEwen will attend, RossDalziel on Saturday.
    • Halifax Mini Maker Faire in May - No attendees
    • Liverpool Light Night - No desire to participate
    • Liverpool MakeFest - Just going as attendees, but being listed as important in order to get deserved credit. Currently still to work out what to do.
    • Manchester MakeFest - Waiting to confirm with PatrickFenner about participation.
  • AOB RossDalziel mentioned that Hannah (a listings organisation) had been in to see if we would be interested in having a page in their next listings. RossDalziel will start a piratepad to draft the listing. Deadline Friday 10th April. SteveTickle looking to move in, which may necessitate a move for JohnMcKerrell. Options are to move into Fridge, or potentially expand with help from MikeDarracott. RossDalziel had spoken to people at 8 Water Street, and though they are interested in other people working there, it would only be a temporary situation as the status of the building is unknown.

  • Confirm time and date of next meeting SeanGleeson to send out a Doodle

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