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Thursday 29th October - 11:00am - 12:00pm

Venue: Dinky, DoES Liverpool

Attendees: PatrickFenner, FrancisFish, SeanGleeson, JohnMcKerrell, AdrianMcEwen

Review of/actions from last meeting We should aim to move (most) actions into the Somebody Should issue list Action: SeanGleeson to triage

  • PatrickFenner to report on progress on both signage and safety aspects of the workshop at the next meeting. We have some signs up, there is more to do. Action: PatrickFenner to move it to github

  • HakimCassimally will look into the different schemes for apprentices, and make a suggestion at the next meeting of which is the best. What would they do? Who would they report to? What's the cost? FrancisFish knows someone who could come and tell us more about it. They'd be at college some of the time. We'd be training them to be a maker, or to run a business like DoES. Would an internship be better? Maybe more like the technician-in-residence role? What about a summer student, as we have good links to LJMU? Maybe DoES "summer of code" - would that allow us to pitch to Google Summer of Code? What if we provided desk-plus-stipend.

    Decision for a summer residency. Need to decide when, how much we can pay, what sort of projects to pitch Action: PatrickFenner to tell SeanGleeson what to write down in a document. Deadline for having it ready by January

  • SeanGleeson to look into people who might be willing to run events for young people Tried, but didn't make any headway. There is now CodeClub about to start.

  • PatrickFenner to raise issue/submit pull request on weeknotes repo with copy to add reminding people they can write blog posts Done.

  • PatrickFenner to arrange adding info to the DoES website about the laser-cutter pledge Done.

  • Ask PaulFreeman about whether we need to update the health and safety process, and then add that to the handbook Action: SeanGleeson to actually do it, given we didn't assign it to someone Action: PatrickFenner to go on a first aid course Action: SeanGleeson to find out prices and suggest timetable for it (with more notice than last time) It would be good to have more first aiders. Problems about the unclear legal situation. We can look at what other hackspaces, etc. do, and possibly install a Push To Talk system as a lone worker alarm in the workshop. Action: JohnMcKerrell to check with Francis Davey

  • PatrickFenner to add add equipment safety sign/list and COSHH forms next to each piece of equipment for the end of June We have some more signs, but no COSHH forms. Action: PatrickFenner to continue with the COSHH forms.

  • JohnMcKerrell to list teams, and ask the list about people to own machines. All to think about people to approach explicitly We have a laser-cutters email address. However only PatrickFenner seems to know about it. Action: JohnMcKerrell to move it forwards - (list teams, and ask the list about people to own machines. All to think about people to approach explicitly)

  • SeanGleeson to ask each group organiser to write a blog post about their group Action: SeanGleeson to ask each group organiser to write a blog post about their group (push it to github)

  • SeanGleeson to arrange an out-of-hours community meeting Action: SeanGleeson to arrange an out-of-hours community meeting (push to github)

  • FrancisFish to raise an issue on github about an alarm in the workshop. Possible addition to doorbots? Issue raised. FrancisFish now happy (I think) that he isn't going to annoy anyone by building something.

  • PatrickFenner to propose an Epic Trip to Ellesmere Port FabLab (with Opendesk in mind) Issue raised. RossDalziel is moving some of this forward.

  • JenFenner to spin out new issues from issue #48 so we can deal with it separately Done.

  • PaulFreeman to discuss migrating Website (GitHub Pages?) ref: issue #18 Action: PaulFreeman to discuss migrating Website (GitHub Pages?) ref: issue #18

  • Financials Decent. Possibly even healthy. Still paying off rates, there'll be 1-2 months that'll be more painful next year, as we'll return to paying rent and still on last bit of back payment of rates.
    We've got one person who was in the financials as having a desk, but isn't using it and hasn't paid for a while - so they've been taken out of the forecast spreadsheet which means that strictly speaking we're running at a predicted £100/month loss, however for 6 of last 7 months our income has been greater than outgoings.

  • Recent Events

    • Liverpool MakeFest
    • Manchester MakeFest They went well. There's a date for the next one. Extended our people-who-run-things group too, which is great. Wearables Hackday went really well - great to see the team of maker night who pulled together to build the Knitic
  • Upcoming Events

    • OggCamp It's this weekend. More volunteers would be nice, but we've got some. "Ooh muffs" (ask SeanGleeson to see the accompanying hand gesture)
    • Christmas Party Action: SeanGleeson to start arrangements.
      Run on same day as Maker Day but give a specific time for the party to start so non-makers know when to turn up (maybe 4pm so there's some overlap).
  • Admin Role Following SeanGleeson's review, SeanGleeson will be moving to 1.5 days/week on a trial basis (to see if it works for him), with the extra time more project-based. First project to be looking at DoES expanding. FrancisFish had to leave us at this point.

  • DoES Security A bike was stolen from the corridor. We should treat cameras being down as an issue (to raise on github) Action: JohnMcKerrell to raise a github issue for some bike security Action: JohnMcKerrell to raise a github issue for camera improvements Action: PatrickFenner suggest something options Action: SeanGleeson to remind everyone not to leave rooms open and empty

  • AOB

    • PatrickFenner would like someone to try Rose, as she's hopefully fixed.
    • There has been a question about whether we've got a policy about vaping in the space. We're not aware of any specific tangible health and safety problems with it, and would prefer a self-policing approach where people "don't be a dick" - which runs both ways, in both people feeling happy to ask others not to vape in their company and anyone vaping understanding if they're asked, as we want to have a convivial work environment for everyone.
    • Question about banning people for transgressions like leaving the laser-cutter unattended while cutting, leading into general discussion about grievance procedures. Action: AdrianMcEwen to dig out links to other hackspace examples
    • Do we need to buy another printer? Black and white networked laser, and a colour inkjet? Is an inkjet likely to run out of ink? Action: SeanGleeson to look at prices for networked B&W and colour laser printers (for comparison)
    • Can we buy a better soldering iron? General discussion about how to decide what new kit to buy? Can we encourage more pledge drives, with DoES explicitly listing how much "match funding" it would provide. Action: SeanGleeson to kick off discussion about it on the google group, pointing people at the existing pledges page (maybe move it to the new wiki?)
  • Confirm time and date of next meeting Early December. The week before the Christmas party Action: SeanGleeson to send out a doodle for it.

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