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DoES Liverpool Organisation Meeting Minutes 20160614

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Venue: Dinky, DoES Liverpool

Reviewed actions from last meeting from github -

  • Financials

  • Doing ok but review worth having:

  • Recent Events

    • Maker Faire
    • Good! PatrickFenner
  • Upcoming Events

    • Birthday Party
    • In July
    • BBQ - Sean to consider
    • Liverpool MakeFest
    • DoES hosting after party
    • Manchester MakeFest
    • Tasks raised to apply and invite people to join us
    • Derby Mini Maker Faire
    • Task raised to ask community
  • Increasing the "organisers group"'s capacity (Added by AMc)

    • We're busier than ever
    • Over the past year we've lost Hakim, Paul and Francis from the organisers group, and not replaced them
  • Laser Cutter Fire Procedures

    • Fire Blankets/Extinguisher - Covered from github issues
  • Official Disciplinary Procedures

    • Covered from github issues
  • Building Move

    • Planning community viewings
    • Stalled on Directors
    • Sean will ask on electrics and lift
    • Logistics of subletting
    • Decide later
    • Next steps
  • AOB

  • Confirm time and date of next meeting

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