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  • Review of/actions from last meeting (review list and new actions from the meeting should be raised as issues straight away rather than minuted-and-then-raised-afterwards)

*Tracked actions in somebodyshould/issues under Organisers Meeting Action

When each item is reviewed we will comment in the relevant issue

  • Financials

  • Overview made: A general positive trend, all looks ok but be aware of impact of losing some permanent deskers

  • Recent Events

  • Liverpool MakeFest

  • General feeling was positive & got a few new maker night faces not necessarily

  • Manchester MakeFest

    • Was a positive response but felt although transport organised, we had poorly planned it and ended up firefighting a little but luckily people were around just in time.
  • Upcoming Events

  • Make:Shift:Do

    • Review Made Invaders: make a scaled down version (no tent, no scoring/RFID)
    • confirm volunteers and made action
  • Derby Mini Maker Faire

    • We're not sure if we are attending unless someone volunteers driving this fwd
  • Official Disciplinary Procedures

  • Covered in the review of previous actions see comment in #246

  • Building Move

  • Move team (Sean, Jen, John) will continue to drive this, to be reviewed again at next meeting

  • AOB

  • Do we want some additional office equipment?

    • Raised issue to confirm nature of desks and if we can find space to store and a designated driver to transport by Friday 7th
  • Confirm time & date of next meeting

  • Sean is in process of organising this by doodle

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