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  • Review of/actions from last meeting (review list and new actions from the meeting should be raised as issues straight away rather than minuted-and-then-raised-afterwards)

  • Financials We should close the issue about this as it's on the agenda anyway.

  • Recent Events

  • Make:Shift:Do

    • Success! Went well. Might have worked better to use github issues a bit more for organising. Had more people involved in helping to run it too. Some people said they'd like to see more of that sort of event being run (or running more events).
    • FutureMakers would be good to run, the problem is finding someone to run it.
  • Upcoming Events

  • Derby Mini Maker Faire

    • We're not sure if we are attending unless someone volunteers driving this fwd
      • We didn't go.
  • Maker Assembly

    • In Manchester on Saturday. @amcewen is speaking. Quite a few people from DoES attending, which means #MakerDay will be trickier as most of the people who run that will be at Maker Assembly, but we should have found enough new organising blood to cope
  • Building Move

    • We've seen some more places. None are ideal (or cheap enough).
    • There are some more we're arranging.
  • AOB

  • Confirm time & date of next meeting

    • Will be early December, in the evening. @DoESSean to confirm.
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